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Allow your heart to open through the transformation of a sacred life practice.
Relax into the regality of being a receptive human being.
Open the doors to a new reality, you already possess the power to transform.
Your body is your own sacred temple to be honored, respected and cared for.
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Sensuality Retreats

Willow Brown LAc

Willow is a Sexologist and Endocrinologist, she holds a Masters degree in Chinese Medicine & is an internationally recognized teacher of Taoist Sexology, her offerings provide a profound understanding of what it means to engage in Sacred Sexuality and live a sensual life.

She has studied the human body and its correspondence with nature extensively for nearly 3 decades. She blends many modalities, such as Taoist Yoga, Qi Gong, Acupuncture, Functional Nutrition, Cranial Sacral and Multiple Brain Integration Coaching.

Willow began her journey in women’s health and wellness at age 13 when she started studying yoga with her grandmother in Ojai, Ca. She lives to educate herself on the physical, spiritual and emotional aspects of a woman’s precious journey through life, so that she can share that knowledge with her clients & patients.

She works privately with men and couples to guide them toward deeper intimacy and a clearer understanding of each others very different brains.

Her online programs and private practice focus on women’s health, men's health, endocrine function and sexuality. Willow guides her clients from low libido, emotional disharmony, and depression to return to their innate equanimity so they can create sustainable balance in their lives, feel in control of their emotions and raise their sensual frequencies for greater magnetism and increased orgasmic potential.

She supports her female clients in menstrual disorders, menopause, infertility, and post-partum, as well as low self-esteem and chronic doubt.

She offers Taoist Sexology courses around the world. Inspiring women and men to fall in love with their unique and powerful bodies, so they can experience pleasure in ALL that they do. Willow’s students learn how to step into their sexual power and use that energy to create the abundance their hearts deeply desire.


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