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Willow Brown of Ojai, Ca became a Licensed Acupuncturist in 2008, after studying healing arts and bodywork extensively since 2000. In her practice she focus’ on pain relief, especially spinal, joint and cranial issues. Another strong focus of hers is gynecological health, and pediatrics. A typical treatment with her incorporates 20 min of myo-fasial release massage, acupuncture and cranial-sacral to leave you feeling whole on all levels.

10 years of teaching yoga brings her classes to a sophisticated level that is fun and appropriate for all students, integrating a wealth of knowledge in health


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  • Heal all women’s hormonal imbalances.

  • Magically relieve pain where all other methods have failed.

  • Introduce sacred sexual healing practices.

  • Inspire others to heal themselves.


Take your soul on a vacation. Healing your body is the greatest gift you can give youreself.



“Willow was amazing!! Invaluable. I feel blessed to have had her to assist me in my birth.”
-Petra Buchanan
“She was wonderful. Very calming, soothing, relaxing. She encouraged and praised me. She made sure I was comfortable and told people to be quiet when I needed them to be.”
-Chelsea Hobbs
“Having Willow’s presence gave me the confidence that I could give birth at home. The labor was challenging and frightening at times – Willow was always present and sensitive to my emotional state. She was comforting, supportive and a stronghold for me reassuring in moments of intense pain that I could come through the labor! Her interaction and support for our family was inclusive, gathering and unifying. We loved having Willow for our Doula. She is a natural healer.”
-Felicity Rosencraz
“Willow Brown is hands down the most loving, knowledgeable, reliable and there-for-you doula you could dream of. She was my rock and constant before, during and after I delivered my twin girls. Thru her healing touch and technique, she helped my babies turn head down which enabled me to have the natural birth I wanted. In the 24 hours I labored, without pain medication, she never left my side calm and supportive presence was my constant, helping me stay in labor, working thru contractions and pushing out our angels. I could not have had the delivery I wanted without this amazing woman. I am so grateful to Willow for the gift of my healthy pregnancy, delivery and post partum experience. Having Willow as your doula is the greatest gift you can give yourself and family.”
-Lisa Holden