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 a hormone free solution to a healthy Vagina.

2020 has been such a challenging year, with more pain than pleasure.  But this year I found the V-fit, and it has been bringing immense pleasure to my life and to the lives of my patients.

This incredible "wand" is actually a vibrator as well, (it has dual settings) and it uses infrared light to help heal and release congested tissue in the vagina and revitalize any atrophied tissue. It's a hormone free solution to a healthy Vagina.

​​Great for re-awakening and self- love!

I personally noticed a lot more fluid and natural lubrication after using it just 2 times without the photonic gel.

You might want to experiment with using it a couple times without the gel and then with; in the name of being a sexologist (one who is a scientist of their own sexual function) - my own definition 😉 Yes, the V-FIT isn’t cheap, because it’s not your average vibrator. (A good quality vibrator is $160-$300). This is so much more!

This thing uses RED Light therapy, (just like infrared, but better).  This wavelength of light increases ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) production and NO (Nitric Oxide) production.

Augmenting ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) increases tissue repair and creates healthy collagen growth.  This will help to heal any scar tissue from deliveries, traumas, surgeries, or even unwarranted sex.  The boost to collagen helps rebuild atrophied tissue, due to lack of use and lack of estrogen - aka menopause.  It’s really like a magic wand for your vagina.

Augmenting NO (Nitric Oxide) increases blood flow to the area, allowing more nutrients and oxygen to do their magic on your vulva and inner vagina.  I believe this is where the increased lubrication comes from.  And what I noticed was the extra blood flow and lubrication made me more easily excitable.

This is why Red Light and infrared are used to treat acne scarring, torn ligaments, sore muscles, wrinkles and pain, because it lowers inflammation and heals tissues!