A Collective Awakening of the Goddess – Are You Doing Your Part?

For Centuries the Mayan prophecies predicted that the earth and it’s inhabitants would see the end of the world as we know in the year 2012.  Well clearly the world did not end, and on a personal level you may not have noticed much of a change in your life. At this same juncture, approximately 10 years ago you also entered the beginning of the Aquarian Age.

What is an 'Age' and what is its significance?
An age often lasts around 2,000 years and in 2012 we ended the age of pieces, which was an age in which humanity looked outside of themselves for answers.  Pieces is the sign of Christ and many followers of Christ got so busy looking for a prophet to save them that they forgot they had all the faith and power they needed to save themselves inside themselves.  As this new age, or Aquarian age births forth through its infancy phases we are starting to see more and more people look to their own inner wisdom and sovereignty to pull them through the tough times life inevitably carries.  More people are practicing yoga and looking into mindfulness practices to help bring them back to their truth so they can cut away the many distractions of today’s world.

If you find yourself in the midst of both breakdown and new opportunities coming your way - then you’re on the right track. This can feel overwhelming and difficult, as one day you can feel on top of the world then the next day way down in the dumps. Have faith and keep the focus on your goals or the feelings your desire to have in life. Remember: This is how your journey should look right now.

You are giving birth to the Divine feminine!

Whether you are aware of it or not, whether you are male or female, you are part of a collective shift toward a more feminine approach to life. This way of living is much more enjoyable and easeful that the old approach to life in which you had to work super hard and stress and feel overwhelmed.  Now you may still feel those things, but I promise you life is encouraging you to let those go, so that you can harness more vitality and joy!

The goddess Kali comes to mind as we transform collectively from an old paradigm of looking outside of ourselves for a savior and start looking inside to save our own lives.  Kali is the Goddess of destruction and rebirth and she is with you when it feels like your life is crumbling all around you, her wisdom for you is to keep your faith strong and trust the process that you are going through.  If it helps you can think back on other times in your life when everything seemed to be falling apart and how that led to the rebirth of new life opportunities that have led you to where you are now.

The Goddess Lakshmi is also with you as you transition through this time, which is inherently abundant! Lakshmi is the Goddess of abundance and she is here to remind you that you live on a beautiful planet that offers an endless supply of deep elemental healing. She also reminds you that you have so much more at your fingertips than your ancestors did and that can be a gift or a curse depending on how you use it.

The Chinese Goddess Quan Yin is always by your side letting you know that you are living in a safe time and place and you can and should absolutely let ALL of yourself shine and radiate the light you have inside.  Quan Yin is the female Buddha and bring a well a deep compassion for all of humanity, so as you offer your own compassion to others you will certainly receive it 10 fold!

Many more Goddess archetypes reside within you, regardless of your sex and orientation. As you get to know the gifts of each Goddess and practice them in your life you will start to see the magic and harmony they bring to life unfold before your very eyes, and you will be doing your part to birth this new age!