How to Benefit From Jealousy – Willow Show Episode 1

I'm celebrating a little right now... do you want to know why?
Because dear sweet human, my NEW YOUTUBE SHOW is out in the world.

Every week, I will be diving deeply into your burning questions about health, vitality, and sexual abundance in the form of a cozy video conversation on THE WILLOW SHOW <3.
I really love being able to express myself on camera, and I know that you guys appreciate being able to interact via this format as well. So, from on now we will be exploring our own sexuality and how it relates to our wider state of wellbeing via the show.
I can't wait for you to see what's coming, but for now, please get cozy with episode One -

All about How to Benefit From Jealousy.

Yep, Jealousy. Because a strong spiritual practice doesn't just ignore the negative emotions, it teaches us how to best harness them for our own own continual growth.

If you've ever been overcome with jealousy and felt that it's stopped you from being kind, loving, or fully in the moment, then talk a few minutes today to watch the episode. Together we'll do a meditation to re-center, release, and learn from this emotional state.

And please do share your thoughts with me either in the comments or by shooting me an email! <3.