3 Ways Chi Gong Will Save Your Life

It used to be that when I told people I was a yoga teacher they would say, “HUH, Yogurt?” That was over 20 years ago and of coarse these days yoga is a household term. Everyone at least knows what yoga is even if they have never done it. Thank Shiva for that!

These days when I tell people I teach Chi Gong they look at me with a screwy face, and say, “What’s that?” I reply with a calm smile and say, “do you know what tai chi is?” “Oh yeah, yeah, I’ve seen tai chi, they say. “Well chi gong is the mother of tai chi,” is my final response.

I do go on to explain that the chi gong practice is the best way to cultivate the energy that gives martial arts like tai chi the combination of grace, strength and beauty. Tai chi is like chi gong in action, which chi gong is the more meditation approach to building chi, or life force energy.

In Indian culture Chi is called Prana, in Egyptian it is Ka, in English it is vitality, in Japanese it is also chi. Sometimes I like to use food to explain chi. If you hold a carrot that is firm, with a vibrant orange color and a strong stalk, that carrot has good chi! After 3 days, however, that carrot has been sitting in the sun it is wilted it is limp and a little grey in color with some strange fuzz on it. That carrot has lost its’ chi. You can probably relate to how this feels after working a 10 hour day.

Chi is meant to be preserved and rebuilt!

You can see when a person’s Chi is low, they look a little wilted, fatigued and depleted. They need to practice 15 minute at minimum and they will look revitalized and refreshed! They will actually get a better nights rest and wake up the next day even more energized than if they had just gone to bed in a depleted state.

“Chi” is energy and “Gong” is mastery, so the practice of Chi Gong is the practice of mastering your own energy! It is an incredibly powerful practice, whilst simultaneously being calming to your whole nervous system. It will improve your cognition, your sleep patterns, your digestive system, your endocrine system and your libido!

The BEST thing about chi gong is that anyone can do it!

You don’t have to be limber or flexible or strong, you don’t even have to be able to stand up to do it. You can sit upright in a chair to practice, if that is what works best for your body.

As you journey through life you go through various traumas. Injuries, loss of loved ones, substance abuse, stressful moves or job changes, getting your doctorate degree (that will be me next year) and illnesses are all traumas in life that WILL stagnate your chi.


Start practicing today! I've got a few videos for you over on my youtube channel:


Chi gong will save your life!

Here’s how:

Chi Gong moves your vital life force energy through the pathways in your body, called meridians. Your meridians send your chi into your vital organs, and if your chi is stagnant your organs will suffer. Particularly the liver tends to carry a lot of stagnant chi and your liver is imperative to your over health as your liver is the filter for all the blood that is pumping through your body. Clean blood equals a healthy heart and happy mind!

Chi Gong calms your mind, leaving you stress free and able to think clearly as you disperse the extraneous emotions that tie your down. Sometimes I come to my Chi Gong mat a complete emotional WRECK (yes, I do loose my cool, I am human too), and after a nice, long, deep session I am able to sit in true stillness of both mind and body. It is often the last thing in the world I feel like doing when I am in an emotional dither, but I am never sorry! In fact I am always grateful!

Chi Gong put’s you in direct relationship with the Tao. What is the Tao? The Tao is the Way. What is the Way? The way is the way of nature; the natural ebb and flow that is life. And believe it or not it is you! You are not just part of nature, you are nature and when you take the time (just 15 focused minutes) to tune into this natural rhythm with in you will be richly rewarded. True abundance comes from with in!

Coming up in June I will be co-leading a vibrational Chi Gong workshop with my amazing musician friend DJ Wayne, who is also an ar-tist with the singing bowls. If you have never done Chi Gong before experiencing it with Wayne’s accompaniment will blow you away, and if you have practiced Chi Gong before you will certainly go deeper than ever before in your practice.

This is your cordial invitation to join us on Saturday June 16th 2018 at the Center SF! CLICK HERE