7 Tips to Life with Ease, Abundance, and Grace From Hawaii

On a recent trip to Hawaii I got to spend some time with some elders, who still practice the old Hawaiian ways, as I watch, observed and learned from them, I realized they are no different than the Taoist folk who live way up in the Wudan Mountains of China.

In their deep reverence for life, for the breath and for the gift of waking up each morning, they carry an ease within their entire nervous systems that is uplifting just to be around. Those who still take the time to listen to the wind and feel the vibration of waves against the earth’s shores are living the Taoist Way. If two cultures from such completely different environments (one warm and tropical and one cold and mountainous) can find the same spiritual wholeness in the terrain they live in that means it is not the place, but rather the attunement you create you create with nature and your own natural rhythms.

Here are 7 tips to following The Way (Tao) and creating more flow, ease and abundance in your body, heart and life.

Sacred Pause: Look for the pauses life brings you; when they appear take the time to tune into them! These Sacred Pauses usually come when you are by yourself or with a close comrade. It is a “still point” in the movement of life, it can be felt energetically, and it is where healing happens!

Bigger Pulse: Listen to the natural ebb and flow of life all around you, as heard by the wind through the leaves, the songbirds, the children playing, the cars passing by and match your breath with this sacred rhythm. As you become one with the Bigger Pulse you cultivate new life within.

Gratitude Practice: Choose to graciously accept ALLLL that you have, even if you think it is bad, wrong, or sad. When you have a strong Gratitude Practice you will magnetically draw to your life more things to be grateful for.

Suspend Judgments: This is a hard one, but only because you spend so much time labeling things as “good” or “bad.” Start by catching these judgments in your mind and then letting go of them as if they were plumerias released by the tree’s branches. Just let them go!

Channel Clearing: THE most powerful way to clear your channels is to clear your mind. When the mind has peace and stillness the channels in your body have the space they need to transfer the vitality within you to where it needs to go (like your organs!)

Body Love: No matter what your body looks like, feels like or functions like, show it love through the choices you make. Listen to your body as much as you listen to your environment. If your body tells you to have a cocktail then have one and really enjoy it! If your body tells you to pass on dessert then listen and pass on it in an act of self-love. Listening to your body is listening to nature; it is The Way. The Tao.

Trust: You have been given this life, and ALL that comes with it, so that you can come home to trust that The Divine has a plan for you. This sense of Faith will lead you directly to the heart of Love.

Bonus: Look for Love everywhere! Even when you feel sad, or mad or hurt you feel that way because you have love for something or someone. All emotions are rooted in love!

You can practice The Tao anytime and as frequently as you think to do it. It is simply making love to the Universe, by feeling, sensing, and enjoying the experience of life, and not just your own life, but the life that surrounds you. If you are having a hard time enjoying your own life, just tune into the greater life that weaves its web all around you.

In Pure Gratitude for You!