WB Show Episode 2: Consenting Couples & The 5 Sexuality Types

It's time for the 3rd episode of the WIllow Show! And I'm coming at you from Hawaii! YAY! If you missed the last 2 episodes - and aren't entirely sure what's going on...here's the good news: Every 2 weeks, I will be diving deeply into your burning questions about health, vitality, and sexual abundance in the form of a cozy video conversation on THE WILLOW SHOW. But the main event today, is Episode 3 -
All about Moving Beyond Consent & The 5 Sexuality Types

Over the course of the episode, we go into CRAVING intimacy again in your longterm relationship, and fully stepping into understanding and SPEAKING your sexual needs.

We'll dive into REIGNITING the spark in a longterm relationship. How to be authentically true to what feels good to you and what doesn't. Getting away from feeling like we need to "perform" in a stereotypical way. Opening up and speaking your needs and desires to your partner. Understanding the 5 sexuality "types" and which one you fall into.

All in just 1o minutes. 😉
So, go ahead, grab your tea/komucha/smoothie and click on the image above to watch it!