When you commit to creating a union between two entities, be them breath and movement or man and woman you are creating a unique spiritual connection in your own life that then permeates the rest of the world and all the lives you touch.

This unity brings you into a state of higher consciousness and allows you to feel the interconnectedness of all things. When you choose to unite any two things in your life a synergy is created that propels you into more fluidity and grace.

This gift of union is pure magic and you have the option to create it every day. I invite you to create union in your everyday life and see what happens…..you may find more ease, more pleasure, more presence, more joy and less stagnation in your overall being.

To create union you may use some of these practices, or simply create your own authentic practice that feels good to you….. The point of Union is to feel good, to feel supported, to feel held, and to feel like you are not doing it all alone.

Union of Movement:

Yoga (Yin Wellness You tube link)

Chi Gong (Yin Wellness You tube link)


Union of Relationship:

Communicate remembering that 90% of communication is listening (when you are truly listening you may hear more than what is being said)

Breathing together (keep it simple: inhale together; exhale together. You may choose to sit back to back or face to face, just be comfortable.)

Eye Contact (frequent and brief, just enough to acknowledge that you are present with your partner)
Pause (take a time out with your lover to experience the moment the sensations that it brings. It can be 10 seconds or 10 minutes)

Union of Life:

Upon waking name 3 things you are grateful for and breathe in that sensation of gratitude.

At meals take 3 breathes, and in that time bless your food and the people, plants and animals that took part in getting your food to your plate.

Drinking water is one of my favorite times to create union, as this resource becomes more and more precious it calls for us to collectively and consciously receive it’s nourishment in gratitude.

As you drift into dream space unify that which you wish to create with your deepest time of rest.

Union of Creation:

Come close to me, I will whisper in your ear Don’t grieve. Anything you lose comes
around in another form. For there is so much More to this life Than you now understand Observe the wonders as they occur around you Don’t claim them. Feel the artistry moving through, and be silent For the Truth has been Divinely Conceived Deeply within each of us Each of us touches one place and understands the whole in that way This Union you want with the earth and sky This Union we all need with love Stay here quivering like a drop of mercury

-Hafiz & Rumi

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