Good morning God’s and Goddesses!,

As I land back in California after a month of retreat and a little bit of work in Indonesia, I am called to share with you my newly resourced practices to create more pleasure, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING!

Let’s begin with why pleasure is important in the first place, because some would argue that it only leads to pain eventually.  This theory is based on a fear that once you have found true pleasure, true delight that you will loose it.  Let me ask you, do you think keeping pleasure at arm’s length so that you never have to know its shadow is a good idea? Me neither! I KNOW that pleasure is one of the main reasons we walk this blessed earth, there are others of coarse, but feeling enjoyment, delight and sensual pleasure are some of the most valuable gifts we get to cherish as humans.  Let’s celebrate this by creating more pleasure today!

What if you had 100% access to pleasure?  Or rather you kept your pleasure tools in your back pocket 100% of the time, so that you could pull them out and tinker with the moment to create more pleausre.  How would your day feel different if you could change your work tasks into a pleasure tasks?  Or if you could ENJOY communicating with that person at work who “rubs you the wrong way?”

Imagine how your day would end differently than if you just keep letting that person get under your skin.

Here are the 3 simple pleasure practices I love to share!

1.Breath: It sounds too simple, cuz it is! Creating more pleasure should be easy, if it were difficult that would take the pleasure out of it, don’t you agree? To unite consciousness and breath is to be mindful, which is the foundation of all meditation and inner peace.

Here’s how: Exhale and draw your naval back to your spine clearing all the stale air out from the very bottom of your lungs, as you Inhale, do not “Take” a deep breath, but rather “Receive” a deep breath.  Repeat 3-7 times, thinking of how each exhale clears a path inside of you that harbor fear, doubt, shame or a belief that you don’t’ deserve pleasure.  As you breathe in and think of receiving this amazing Oxygen which gives you life, also receive the magic that life brings, know that you are receiving an interconnected web of Qi or energy that connects all things throughout time and space! Wow! What an honor it is to simply breathe, and expand your senses to receive more!

2.Sensualize your senses: Huh? What does that mean? It means to vitalize your senses.  You were given the most glorious 5 senses (some would say 6, but we will stick to your physical senses today).

As you eat today, take in the tastes and flavors of your food as if for the first time!

As you kiss your loved ones goodbye for the day receive their sent into your nose and let it linger for as long as possible!

As you wash your hands today delight in the sensation of the water as it runs across your skin and the feeling of the soap as it slithers through your fingers, don’t miss this pleasurable moment! One of my favorites!

When you gaze upon the sky today allow the shades a depths of her colors sink into your eyes and cleanse your vision of the many screens that you look at daily.

Listen to the sound of the morning, as her dawn breaks her creature’s rise and the birds begin their song, all for you to hear!

3 Pleasure Sounding: Make pleasurable sounds all day, and especially if you are getting frisky! Sounds of delight and pleasure are always welcome. Simply choose 1 vowel and sound out that vowel in ways that enhance your pleasure for 5-10 exhales.

Start with “A” and work your way through the rest of those vowels throughout the whole day! Make this pleasure sounding a practice that can change a not so pleasurable moment into a pleasurable one.  In this case your first sounding of your chosen vowel might sound more like an “ugh” but as each breath passes it will start to sound more like an “Aaah.”  I use this for everything form hard workouts, to challenges in business to changing the tone of my loved ones who come home with an “ugh”

You have the tools you need with you all the time to create more pleasure; it’s just a choice you get to make in the moment.

Joy is the highest vibration of emotion, and when you are really enjoying something you are in the midst of pure pleasure.

Enjoy more Pleasure now!

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