I’ve had a rebellious nature since I can remember.  If you say go left, I’ll go right. It’s just innate inside me and something I constantly have to keep in check.

This rebellion of mine loves to rebell, but hates to get caught.

Which is what happened to me the other day.

There I was enjoying a rejuvenating day at the spa after being sick and working through a head cold all week.

I had soaked…
I had steamed…
I had saunaed….
I had cold plunged….
I even caught some zzzz’z in the giant hammock…..

I was so relaxed and empty of all the work, stress, phlegm and achiness I’d been experiencing all week. 

This is always when inspiration strikes

I busted out the only thing I had to write with, which was my trusty ipad and I walked right past the sign that said “NO ELECTRONICS” and tucked myself into a corner where I hoped no one would see me.

I got about ¼ into this blog post on 5 taoist practices to help keep your cool during the busiest month of the year (Dec.), when I heard, 

“Excuse me Mam, I’m going to have to ask you to put that back in the locker room.”

I looked up to see a thick lipped, deep toned rasta man with shoulder length dreads, and my face went pink. 

I could feel all the blood rushing into my center and my extremities went cold.

I was caught in the act of direct rebellion, or disobedience – whatever you want to call it.

I had to be escorted with my electronic device back to the locker rooms by this unusually attractive pool attendant.

What does this have to do with the 5 Taoist Practices you can do this month to keep yourself healthy and in balance? 

Absolutely nothing!  

It just made me laugh later that day and I wanted to share!

Now, Onward…..!

The 5 Taoist Practices to Help You Keep Your Cool During the Busiest Month of the Year!

1. Go have a spa day!

Or at least a spa hour … even if it’s at the gym or your local community center! 

There is something very nourishing to the nervous system and healing to your soul when you take some time for yourself to just sit in a heated environment and breathe. 

When your nervous system gets the chance to drop into a parasympathetic state; healing, health and longevity as well as happiness and a deep sense of contentment come naturally.

As you let the steam open your lungs or the heat cleanse your pores you bring medicine to two of the most vital organs in your body, both of which are responsible for your wei chi aka your immune system.

Think of your time at the spa as preventative medicine so that you don’t get sick and can sustain the energy you need to keep up with this unnaturally busy time.

What do I mean by unnaturally busy?

Winter is the time of hibernation, it is the season of doing less, of sitting in stillness and drinking warm beverages.

But in our modern society it has become one of the most bustling times of the year….. shopping trips, holiday parties, traveling to see loved ones, hanging lights, cutting down trees, baking cookies and if you’re a christmas celebrator – wrapping gifts…… not to mention “wrapping up” the end of the year.

If you do any one of these 5 Taoist Practices you’ll be in the flow of the winter season as nature intended, dropping into the quiet.

2. Yin Yoga, Tai Chi or Chi Gong

Take yourself to a slow moving class where you can let go of your mind and leave your “to do” list at the door. 

Allow yourself to be guided through breath and movement that is not meant to make you stronger physically, but to build your mental and spiritual capacity.

This increase in space to your mind is immeasurably beneficial to your ability in keeping your cool during the hectic moments that inevitably come in December.

3. Cut Back on SUGAR aka Carbohydrates

This won’t be the most popular on the list, since there are so many extra yummy sweet treats floating around during the holiday seasons, but I’ll tell you why it’s the most important.

I’ll also tell you how I’ll be helping you get completely off carbs coming spring!

There are many different theories on carbs and how much is ok to eat or not, but the one I have found to be the most doable, sustainable and healthy for my body is the 60g/day rule.

According to some functional medicine experts your pancreas can only pump out enough insulin to counterbalance about 60g of carbohydrates each day.

This is why so many people start showing signs of pre-diabetes and type 2 diabetes levels are higher than they’ve ever been, because of insulin resistance.  

More than 60g/day and your pancreas’ beta cells get worn out they can’t keep up with the demand for more and more insulin.

Insulin tells the cells in your muscles,fat and liver to grab glucose out of your bloodstream and put it into their cells for energy. But when it’s not available to do that the glucose builds up in your bloodstream causing big blood sugar imbalances – BAD NEWS!

Why bad?

Because this is not only the path to Type 2 Diabetes, but also increases your risk for heart disease, cancer and stokes…..not to mention it is not helping your immune system out at all!

1 tsp of refined white sugar can suppresses your immune system for up to 7 hours…. so if you are fighting something off, stay away from sugar!

Come February I’ll be hosting a Get Off Sugar Completely in 4 days Challenge, if you’d like to pre-register and save your spot HERE.  

It’s free so you’ve not a thing to lose, except some weight, inflammation and fatigue.

In Taoist perspective sweet things (All sweet things- even fruit) causes dampness in the body also known as phlegm or catar. 

Basically, these are all bad things that make you feel lethargic, sluggish, slow, cloudy, and unmotivated….. And let’s face it the world around us needs us to be motivated!

4. Call Your Favorite Alternative Health Care Practitioner (maybe that’s me 😉 )

It does not matter if they are your Massage Therapist 
Yoga teacher
Or Cranio-sacral Therapist…..

Just book a session with them, think of it as your gift to yourself this season. 

You deserve to spend this time in health and happiness, not stress and overwhelm. They can help! Dial now!

If you’ve never had acupuncture before – try it!

If you only like your feet rubbed and not your whole body – let them know!

Any good healer will be receptive to hearing what you like and how you like it, plus this is a great opportunity to speak your truth!

You can do it!

If you don’t have any holistic practitioners in your area you like to see, book an introductory session with me – An Intimacy Hourto help you get INTIMATE with your inner self. 

Understand her. Comfort her. & Free her from the story you’ve been telling yourself. 

Every once in a while, it can be SO powerful to revisit the story we’re telling ourselves about our lives – and decide whether or not we want to challenge – or completely change – the script. 

During our intimacy hour you will Release the old story that’s holding you back from deep intimacy – and walk away with an individualized prescription for how to step into your new story + A personalized meditation, suggestion, or practice to carry you through this season in good spirits. 

This won’t add more to you todo list. It will free you from anxiety and stress – and give you the space to claim your personal power once more.  

Get an individualized roadmap for what you can LET GO OF – right away. CLICK HERE TO BOOK YOURS

5. Practice Appreciation

Even more than a gratitude practice, being in a regular state of appreciation will do wonders for your life!

And they go hand in hand.
(Here’s a link to a video of my daily gratitude practice) 

Not only will the people in your life feel more appreciated and reciprocate the favor, but you will actually experience more joy when you are with them.

Right now, I am appreciating the sunlight filtering through the eucalyptus trees as giant white cranes soar by and I enjoy the warmth and coziness of my home whilst the smell of orange rind tea brews on the stove.

2 Keys to any appreciation practice:

1. Use your senses!

What about the moment or the person you are with can you enjoy via your 5 fabulous senses?

This is how you can start to live a sensual existence or augment the one you’re already in!

2. Do it in the moment! 

When I do my gratitude practice each night, I take the time to feel gratitude for things that may not be happening in that very moment.
Little things that would otherwise go unnoticed get the opportunity to be seen through the eyes of gratitude.

This allows more of those things to come my way and puts me into a habit of appreciating them.

I am then MUCH more likely to appreciate those same things or people the next time I am actually in the moment with them.

That’s how you build a stronger practice of appreciation, because when it comes right down to it, everyone wants to be appreciated, acknowledged, and seen.

If love comes through you for these people or moments let them know with: 
Sound (Mmmmm’s & Ahhhhh’s)
Sight (show them through a warm smile or present eyes)
Taste (give them a gift of something delicious)
Touch (pet, caress, rub, or just lay a hand on them)
Scents (breath in their scent and tell them you like it, or offer them an essential oil you enjoy).

Sending you Love and lIght this holiday Season!

Wishing you abundance, health and deep inner peace!



It’s the holiday season, indulging a little is part of the charm! But if you want to get back to center afterwards – Pre-register for my Get off Sugar Completely Challenge – and I’ll help you get back to feeling fab in the new year ;).

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