How can the Sunshine Vitamin be bad for you? Aside from the obvious sunburns and skin cancer, the sun seems to be nourishing for your body and, let’s be honest, for your soul too!

These days health practitioners are recommending you take extra Vitamin D, but is it possible to take too much Vitamin D? That’s a controversial question, for sure!

Here’s my take on it…

For the longest time people have thought, “Vitamin D? I get all that I need from the sun, I don’t need to take a vitamin.” While it’s true that the Vitamin D you already have in your body is activated from direct sunlight soaking into your skin, it does not mean rays of Vitamin D are filtering down through the sky and into your skin.

Where you actually get Vitamin D is from foods like liver, oysters, mackerel (any fresh fatty fish), cod liver oil, eggs, caviar, some mushrooms (like oyster mushrooms, or any that are grown in light), and butter; among others foods that I won’t list here. The above list, are my favorite Vitamin D rich foods, aka the healthiest!

Why is Vitamin D imperative to your health? To start it metabolizes Calcium for bone health and immune function, it activates gene development, anti-inflammatory and is instrumental in cell turnover. From an emotional standpoint many believe it is crucial to fighting off the winter blues, as it supports the release of serotonin (the hormone that makes you sleep well and wake happy).


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So why not take 1,000 IU of Vitamin D every day? Or even 5,000 IU, for that matter? More must be better right???

For the past 10-15 years there has been a massive trend in taking Vitamin D as a supplement. I remember when my teachers were telling all their patients to take Vitamin D due to it’s anti-viral, anti- bacterial, and anti- fungal effects; not to mention the body uses this incredible fat soluble vitamin for so many vital functions as mentioned above.

But, what about the other fat-soluble vitamins like A, E and K? Do we need to be taking those in abundance as well? The truth is that vitamins A, D, and E co- exist, meaning that they need each other for support. They create a triangle of functional support for one another, so when you start dumping a ton of Vitamin D into your body, your body seeks the balance it needs, so it starts using up all the Vitamin A and E in your tissues. Your body is so smart it is always looking for the harmonious way, so Taoist! However what’s actually happening is you’re A and E vitamin reserves get depleted.

What you may not know about Vitamin D is….

Vitamin D is not only a vitamin, but a steroid hormone, and any time you start adding hormones from outside the body (yes, even bio-identical) you run the risk of down-regulating your cell’s ability to absorb that hormone (or vitamin in this case) at all. It’s like when you have telemarketers calling you; the first several times you can receive their call graciously and possibly even use their offerings, but when they start calling 8 times a day, you just stop answering the phone! You shut them out. Your cells do this same thing when they are getting bombarded with too much exogenous D. So now your body has too much unusable vitamin D floating around in your blood stream and not enough Vitamin D inside your cells, where it can function.

What kind of symptoms might this create? Not enough studies have been done on this so it’s too early to say, but since D is a steroid hormone, one could postulate that is could contribute emotional challenges like agitation, impatience, monkey-mind (especially at night, causing sleeplessness), crankiness, and even unjustified flooding of tears. Physically it could be throwing off all your other hormones, causing a general imbalance in your endocrine (hormone) system that will take some effort and time to correct.

It’s important to understand that Vitamin D in addition to the sun’s light is converted in the liver, kidneys and small intestine from an inactive state to an active state. If those organs are clogged, stagnant or overwhelmed they will not be available for this conversion.

The only way to know for sure if you need to be taking exogenous Vitamin D supplements is to get a blood test. The most common marker chosen for this is 25-hydroxy D (optimal range is 35-45 ng/ml), however this is only testing the inactive D. In order to test the active D you must ask your doctor to order 1-25 hydroxy D (it is best to look at both markers due to the fact that 1-25 hydroxy has a shorter half life), which should range between 60-70 ng/ml, if it is out of range you may be causing unnecessary hormonal problems for yourself, and possibly some emotional drama that is not helping your relationships. A good rule of thumb is always to look to nature. Where in nature do you get 1,000-5,000 IU’s of vitamin D? Maybe if you eat 64 eggs a day.

Maybe you have been taking lots of extra D, without ever having consulted a blood test. Don’t worry my friends, there is a solution, there’s always a solution!

And the solution is simple, a 28-day purification that cleans the liver, the colon, the lymph the kidneys and the skin will do the job. When you get all the excess hormones out of your body, including Vitamin D, you will feel sharper in mind, lighter in body and happier in spirit. The good news is that you will also be cleaning out a myriad of other harmful chemicals, toxins, exogenous hormones, endocrine disruptors and gunk!

My patients and clients feel amazing after this purification, their skin clears up, their brain fog lifts, they have more energy, they sleep better, their libidos come back online, and they can actually enjoy their lives and love more! They all report laughing more and sleeping better!

I always say all the medicine you need is already inside of you and the most powerful pieces to that puzzle are sleep and laughter! So when you support the function of sleep and laughter you will be unstoppable!

Please email me if you would like to try a 28-day purification. It is the easiest and most effective cleanse I have found to date! And believe me, I’ve tried them all!

Your body, spirit and soul will be soooo grateful to you for taking the time to set it up for success!

All My Love!

Willow Brown L.Ac.


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