Un-Claim Your Shame

Shame is one of the most debilitating emotions a human can endure in this life, and for many it can last a lifetime. What is Shame, actually? Let’s break it down. Physically shame feels like a sinking inward, a recoiling of the heart, a rounding of the shoulders, a posture of protection. Emotionally it is […]

Cranio-Sacral with Dolphins!

What is Cranio-Sacral anyway? Most people know it feels good and it works wonders, but what is it really? Here’s my one liner: It is a healing modality that uses the rhythm of your cerebral spinal fluid to realign your skeletal system so that your entire nervous system can reset. My patients rise from the […]

Lightning of Love Strikes Again!

As I watch the sun set on another magical day in the Bahamas, I feel the moon rising over my shoulder, and I revel in the power of the masculine and feminine powers that reside on this planet! Not only are we blessed by the expansion and contraction of nature’s majestic ways, but we’re also […]

Are you Overdosing on Vitamin D?

How can the Sunshine Vitamin be bad for you? Aside from the obvious sunburns and skin cancer, the sun seems to be nourishing for your body and, let’s be honest, for your soul too! These days health practitioners are recommending you take extra Vitamin D, but is it possible to take too much Vitamin D? […]

Is Your Period an Aphrodisiac?

If you are a woman who is following your cycle and knows when your period is coming and when you ovulate, congratulations for being ahead of the curve! This is a huge leg up in the world of being a woman! Now with period tracker apps this should be a no-brainer, but I can’t tell […]

Do You Wake Up Around 3 am?

If you are waking at this time every night or even most nights, you are not alone. This occurrence is not normal, BUT it is common. What does it mean? Why would so many American’s be jolted awake at this particular time? Let’s look to the wisdom of Ancient Oriental medicine, which uses a very […]