Cranial Sacral

I have been practicing Cranial Sacral since 2002, and I love the results that come from weaving it into my acupuncture and massage practice.  It is a very gentle, but extremely powerful technique, which uses the rhythm of the cerebral spinal fluid to realign the whole skeletal structure.

Just as the lungs have their own rhythm and the heart has its own rhythm so does the fluid that surrounds the spine and the brain. This is a very deep and slow rhythm, so it is felt with very soft pressure, traditionally 5 grams, but some individuals will call for slightly more.

By balancing all the transverse cross sections of the body and then opening longitudinally to remove any twists or adhesions from the spine we restore length to the spine.  As we move up to the head we work to create a balanced fluid flow through the skull bones, so that they are moving in and out like the wings of a butterfly, at an even pace.

Cranial Sacral is wonderful for anyone who has sustained trauma to the head, or has any issues with sinus, headaches, migraines, eyes or ears.  It is also very good for hormonal balancing and connecting to a “brain vacation,” like an induced state of meditation, where there are no thoughts just space and awareness of space.

I love to do cranial work on babies, it is very effective and very important.  After pushing their way through the birth canal they need some gentle bone balancing and it is amazing how well they respond to it. Their heads soon become perfectly round, providing more space for brain development.