I have helped numerous women give birth to their, first, second and third children, as well as twin deliveries. I often use all of my knowledge of Chinese Medicine and Cranial-Sacral to assist in a delivery. It is a joy to advocate for women and their partners as they go through the process of becoming parents, each time is a unique and different experience.I’ve been doulaing for families in Santa Cruz since 2003, and though my availability is limited due to a full practice and teaching schedule, I still cannot deny close clients, especially when I have seen them through their whole pregnancies. When the timing works for everyone, I am always honored to help women through this enormous transition.Birth is such a magical event and having the assistance of a doula is so important! We have a strong birth community in Santa Cruz with many wonderful doulas and practitioners. If I am not available, I am always happy to assist you in finding the perfect doula for your personal needs.

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