Get off Sugar

It's not about will power - it's about nutrition

“So much of life is lived in old patterns. Reaching for things out of habit. I’m glowing after this cleanse!! And thanks to Willow, I have the tools (physical, emotional, and spiritual) to STICK with this lifestyle change, and feel amazing forever!!”

— Carol —

This year I ran a sugar free(dom) challenge and had over 800 people raise their hands and join me.

The Live challenge is over, but you can still access the 3 MASTERCLASSES I offered during the challenge,

PLUS 2 Members Only Masterclasses

This content will CHANGE THE GAME for your health

You’ll learn:

  • How to Painlessly Eliminate Your Sugar Cravings in 24 Hours
  • How it’s NOT Really About Will Power - What It IS Really About
  • How to Make Your Change a Lasting One - (Without Deprivation!)
  • Which supplements actually make a difference, and which you can skip (and save money on)!
  • Delicious food options that will make you wonder why sugar was ever your go-to for energy.
  • How to handle your social life while off of sugar (It’s VERY possible - I’ve done it for years at a time and have lots of tips for you)

AND SO MUCH MORE - For only $22.

“ I have been surprised at how much physical, muscular body pain has disappeared in these past 10 days. That is so amazing to me!!!”

— Alicia —

“I’ve never felt clearer or more focused in my entire life. You just don’t realize how good you CAN feel, until you try something different.”

— Micky —

“There are times in life where the right person - and the right tools fall at your feet. That is what these masterclasses are. The perfect combination of a wise and skilled teacher able to give you the tools you need to painlessly release what’s harmful and replace it with what will give you energy and vitality.”

— Amelia —