Yin Wellness’ Taoist Sexology Workshop offers you a chance to Immerse yourself in the juiciness of your own femininity. You will learn a basket full of tools, which will support you through the emotional tides, the physical pains, and the spiritual lulls that will surely come on your journey of life.


Spreading the love Globally Yin Wellness’ workshops are held over a 2-day period, each day is 7 hrs total with a 1 hour lunch break. A gluten free vegetarian lunch is always provided.

You will learn the foundation of the Taoist Sexology Practice and how you can use it to benefit your relationships, intimacy, family, work and life.

Moving meditations and a deeper understanding of your energetic body are taught through the experience of chi gong, yoga and Taoist meditations.

If you are a woman who is 20-70 years of age you will love this workshop. There is nothing quite like being supported by a circle of women while you face your deepest fears and resistances. As you feel held to clear all blocks from your life your heart will open wide to all that is divinely yours to receive.