When the self dissolves and the ego falls away a purity of interconnection with all bubbles to the surface. It can take your breath away, it make your heart stop. Lean into it, embrace the sensation of oneness. In this endless stillness lies a gift that cannot be seen, nor touched, only felt…..

The gift is empty yet contains everything, all possibilities lie here. Those who choose to uncover the gift that lies within all beings, will open the gates for unconditional love to pour forth.

Love without condition is divine source. It is that which we are created from, that which we return to, and that which is within us all along.

Melt your “self” into the great abyss of emptiness and feel that you are only what you perceive, choose to perceive that which you desire to see spread throughout the world.

Courage comes as fear is admonished and the heavens pour down their greatest gifts. As you experience freedom from self-limiting beliefs step into your truest essence and shine bright. Shine bright!

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