Are You Ready to Step Into Sexual Sovereignty?


The Jade Egg Remedy 4 week mentorship program is uniquely designed to increase your sensual nature, increase your sense of self worth, and make you magnetically charged for LOVE.

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Are You Ready to Have the Relationship of Your Dreams - and Attract Abundance Like a Badass?

Maybe this is something you have been curious about. Perhaps you’ve wondered if it would really work for you.

I’ve found that no matter your difficulties - from failed relationships, to constant bickering with your partner, to complete mental and emotional exhaustion, having a solid Jade Egg practice WILL release the stagnant negative energy that holds you back from living full out!

Are you ready to resolve your love life AND be initiated into the ancient art of the Jade Egg?

The Jade Egg is a powerful practice that comes from ancient China. Traditionally the smooth egg shaped jade, was used only by royalty. The Emperor’s wives and concubines where the lucky ones who had yoni eggs procured for them. The wives who had many children used the egg to re-establish = the muscles of their pelvic floor after childbirth. The concubines would use the egg to keep their vaginas tight and supple so that they could experience deeper pleasure alongside their King.

But is there more to the Jade Egg than just building up vaginal strength?

YES! Yes there is! Jade itself has incredible properties that support you in receiving more balance, harmony, friendship, love, understanding and peace. When you place the egg inside your vaginal canal you can feel it’s weight and each time you are reminded to squeeze the egg you are hugging these precious qualities deeper into your being.

What about your hormones? Do they affect your relationships?

Have you ever noticed that your emotions and the way you feel are directly correlated to what your hormones are doing? This may or may not be a new concept for you, but either way you’re in the right place to learn what you can actually do about this. Hormones are physical, while emotions are psychological and some would argue spiritual.

your hormones and your emotions are not separate; they are two sides of the same coin.

In truth you could harmonize your hormones to find emotional stability OR you could create emotional tranquility in order to bring your hormones into balance.  

The beauty of the Jade Egg Remedy is that it supports both your inner and outer landscape.

Raise Your Hand if You’re Fed Up With Feeling….

Emotionally out of control

Frustrated with attracting unavailable partners

Alone in your failed attempts at creating lasting intimacy

Like a crazy lady half the time

Less than...due to misbehaving skin, weight, and overall self-image 

Unworthy of deep intimate connection and love

Fatigued from feeling like you can't catch up to the demands of life

Girlfriend, if your hand is up, you are in good company!

90% of the amazing women you know are suffering from these same things.

Raise Your OTHER Hand if You’re READY To Feel...

A real handle on your emotional state

A better understanding of your hormones, and what you can do for them

A deep intimate connection with your Beloved

Pain-free…. even pleasurable! menstrual cycles

Clear radiant skin

Your finger on the pulse of what’s really going on with your emotions

More confidence in yourself

Less arguing in your love life

A healthy desire for sexplorations and partnership

Deeply contented and truly rested

Honey, if both of your hands are up, we’ve got you covered!

I have been teaching Jade Egg practices to women just like you for over a decade. My lineage is from Taoist Sexology, which is where the Jade Egg practice comes from originally.

This ancient philosophy sees sex as medicine, or rather, an opportunity to cultivate sexual energy and create optimal vitality in your body. Don’t worry, Love, if you’re thinking you don’t have any sexual energy left. Trust me, if you are alive, you have sexual energy! My biggest joy in life is to teach you how to use the sexual energy you do have to create even more of it.

Ready to Meet Me?

Namaste and Welcome Sister of soul and heart - to the world in which I live, one that is fueled by the art of Taoist sexual practices. Where everything has meaning and there are no mistakes made, only an ever-present streaming flow of life.


I’m a Chinese Medicine doctor, & Internationally recognized Teacher of Taoist Sexology. I blend modalities, such as Taoist yoga, Qi gong, Acupuncture, Nutrition, Cranial-Sacral and Sacred Sexuality. This journey into women’s health and wellness began for me at age 13 and I never looked back. I live to educate myself on the physical, spiritual, and emotional aspects of a woman’s precious journey through life, so that I can share that knowledge with you.

I believe that every step you take is invaluable to your journey through life, and each step leads to the next, which ultimately has brought you here.
If you are reading this, then I want to praise you for the inner work you have done on yourself. Not every woman is ready to receive a life changing practice such as this one, but you are!
I know from my own journey with painful periods, irregular cycles, cystic acne, unwanted pregnancies from rape, and years of self-doubt and abuse that finding your way to a balanced landscape can feel overwhelming and daunting, even isolating at times.

I am here to tell you that you’re not alone my Love. There is no need for you to figure out the complicated inner landscape of your hormones by yourself.

I am here with you, you need not feel isolated anymore!

If you are feeling a call to step into The Jade Egg Remedy, you will be initiated into an incredibly potent lineage of sisters that dates back over 5,000 years.

The cellular transformations that come from this ancient practice are innumerable and immeasurable. Unique to each woman, the Jade Egg can bring abundance and prosperity, connection and community, balance and harmony. Just wearing your egg gives you a powerful sense of insight and intuition.

I’ve studied the human body and it’s correspondence with nature extensively for over two decades.

During the decades of teaching the Jade Egg across the globe I’ve seen women’s bodies and souls morph and evolve without fail each and every time they commit to the practice. It never ceases to amaze me!

Praise for the Egg

At the time when I began working with Willow and practicing the jade egg routine, I had been in chronic pain (from a hamstring and hip injury), for several months. The exercises and visualizations that I learned, led me to feel a sense of peace and relaxation that I had not felt in months. Even after just a short while of practicing, the outcomes were beneficial to both my physical body and my mental/emotional gave me the space I needed within, to be with my chronic pain, while simultaneously, working with it, to heal!

- Katherine

The Jade egg practice has helped me to anchor a meditative state into pleasurable physical sensation. On the other side of that it has brought blissful sensation into my meditation. It creates a vivid relationship between body and spirit. I am so grateful! It has strengthened my PC muscles and helped me to articulate them. It has also brought awareness to the various erogenous areas within my yoni. All of this has increased my relationship to my yoni and increased my orgasmic potential.

- Ousia

I've dabbled in the jade egg practice for close to 2 decades. It wasn't until very recently that I discovered the life-changing affect the jade egg could have on my sex life, my connection to myself, and my capacity for self-pleasure and self-love. This discovery was initiated by a masterful teacher. My experience with the jade egg is that so much of the healing transmission comes through a highly qualified teacher. It's important to find an exceptional teacher to really experience the transformation. Although, I haven't personally experienced Willow's jade egg course, I can attest that Willow is a knowledgeable and high caliber teacher of Chinese medicine and Taoist Sexology.

- Niav

Once I started using the Jade Egg I realized how disconnected I was to my pleasure source. Using the egg was a fun and effective way to increase all the best kinds of sensations.

- Jenna

The Jade Egg really brought me into my subtle energy body and feminine space - whenever I use it I feel like I drop into my power and all the beauty that comes with it.

- Jess

I’m so very grateful for such a beautiful, holistic Jade Egg Course!!! I love Willow’s energy, knowledge, wisdom, deep care, love, support, and practicality not to mention how she weaves together the spiritual and physical health on all levels. Last night's exercises of claiming our power and placing our star gifts strongly in our root and sacral chakras, spoke SO deeply to me.

- Marni

I am received so much value from the Jade Egg Remedy and I love Willow’s approach to sacred sexuality and her energy. It very much resonates with me and supports my learning and growth. Thank you.

- Jayme

Willow, thank you so much for your love and advice! I feel it in my heart. The course was amazing and it felt very intimate. You are a great and loving teacher!!

- Alejandra

My passion is to help women find the ONE, engage in satisfying sex, and live their highest potential!

I know from my own journey with painful periods, irregular cycles, cystic acne, unwanted pregnancies from rape, and years of self-doubt and abuse that finding your way to a balanced landscape can feel overwhelming and daunting, even isolating at times.

I am here to tell you that you’re not alone my Love. There is no need for you to figure out the complicated inner landscape of your hormones by yourself.

I am here with you, you need not feel isolated anymore!


Being a Chinese Medicine Doctor and studying with the most prominent Taoist Teachers in the world has given me a wealth of wisdom and insight into the human body and soul.

The Jade Egg Remedy - In’s & Out’s

This 4 week mentorship program guides you in how to easefully and gracefully eliminate the emotional imbalances that keep your intimate life stuck!

It’s a Live course designed to answer your questions and concerns as they arise throughout your journey.

yoni ~ sanskrit for “Sacred Space,” includes the vulva, vagina, uterus, and ovaries
yoni ~ sanskrit for “Sacred Space,” includes the vulva, vagina, uterus, and ovaries

Each week we will enter the Sacred Space of the Yoni to support the healing of your sensitive emotional system from the inside out.

In just one month’s time you will learn all the techniques you need to transform your blocked and stuck femininity into a flowing river of pleasure, bliss, and ease that you can continue to trust and expand into, like a beautiful red rose opening to the light of the sun.

Orientation Week 1 / November 14th, 5:30-6:30pm PST

Come together as a class and a community to set your intention, learn about the foundations of the program and get to know me!

Yoni Palace 1: Planting the Sexual Sovereignty Seed / Week 2 / November 21st, 5:30-6:30pm PST

We begin by setting Intentions for your emotional health, physical vitality and soul’s truth. Together we infuse these intentions into the jade stone

. This first week we create your emotional freedom map, so that no matter what you will always be able to find your way back to center.

You’ll learn…

A Healthy Desire for Sexplorations and Partnership

Sound Healing For All Your Emotional Challenges

Taoist Sexual Practices For Phenomenal Intimacy

Yoni Palace 2: Eliminate Pelvic Stagnation / Week 3 / December 5th, 5:30-6:30pm PST

One of the biggest and most common relationship disruptors is stress. I teach techniques to eliminate stress, not just manage it. 

The scariest thing about stress is that it gets lodged in the tissues of your body.

Just think about it - when you're stressing about your taxes - your neck and shoulders bind up in pain.

This emotion doesn’t just go to the neck and shoulders; it also goes down into your pelvic floor. We dedicate this 2nd Week to clearing that tension and opening your vaginal tissues up for more pleasure, flow, ease and space.

You’ll learn…

How Long You Should Practice

How Often You Should Practice

What Kind of Kegal Exercises are best for Your Yoni

How to Know If You're Overdoing It.

Yoni Palace 3: Orgasmic Upward Draw – Deep Nourishment / Week 4 / December 12th, 5:30-6:30pm PST

Being the smart cookie that you are, you probably already know that how you show up in your relationship - has a lot to do with how you're nourishing your body.

What you are eating is absolutely affecting your state of dis-ease. This Yoni Palace will give you an overview of the Eat Right For Your Hormones Cookbook that I wrote for women just like you.

I will teach you how to use this invaluable book, which is soooo much more than a Cookbook, it's a food map to feeling lighter, sexier, and more magnetic.

This week I'll also teach you the Orgasmic Upward Draw, which is a breath technique that's paramount to bringing health and ease to your body.

You’ll learn…

Powerful breath techniques

Nutrition For Your Emotions & Hormones

How to direct your sexual energy to your erotic zones, for optimal healing.

Yoni Palace 4: Creating a Tantric Relationship / Week 5 / December 19th, 5:30-6:30pm PST

In this Yoni Palace we’ll bring this ancient practice to remedy your sex drive so that you can ignite your magnetic nature, and enjoy your sexuality….finally!

You will uncover the tantric secrets of this sexual tool, by learning how to weave the expansion of your consciousness (no longer emotionally trapped) into your love life.

Whether you are navigating a relationship currently or still seeking your beloved, this is the time you will dedicate to understanding the magic of the Jade Egg, and how you can use it to create delightful levels of intimacy within yourself and with a partner.

You’ll learn…

To Use the Jade Egg in Creating Your Ideal Mate

Communication Skills That Never Fail

How to Know Your Truth and Speak it Gently

In Addition….

You will get lifetime access to the Eat Right For Your Hormones Cookbook

You will also be admitted into our private facebook community, where you can ask questions about your Jade Egg practice, share experiences and learn from the other Jade Egg initiates in the group.

In Addition to your Additions!

Receive these bonus’ to further support your Jade Egg Practice:

The Sacred Va-J-J Series

This 10-part video series will inspire you to enjoy your body more, love yourself fully and live life at 110% capacity!

You will learn more about the Jade Egg, plus natural breast firming practices from the Tao. This series covers all things related to your yoni and you will love learning from this beautifully designed course that you can enjoy at your own pace.

Overall Value of Jade Egg Remedy

4 live coaching sessions (60 minutes, plus Q&A time)


Private Living Sexology Community


Sacred Va-J-J Series




I truly believe in the power of this work, and while it was only Royalty who could afford it in the past, my mission is to spread it across nations, so at 50% off this course would cost:


But like I said, it is my passion to make this medicine accessible and affordable to all, so my offering to you for this course is:

Jade Egg Remedy Is Currently Closed.

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After you enroll you’ll get…

A welcome email!

Your Jade Egg on your doorstep (if you choose the Star Investment.)

Immediate access to the Sacred Va-J-J Series

Got Questions… like these, perhaps?

How much time does this take?

You will want to allow for about 2 hours for each Yoni Palace group meeting, so that you can ask any questions or get any clarification after practices are taught.

Daily practices are between 10 min and 2 hours, depending on your availability. Most women dedicate 20-30 minutes and see massive results.

Is this actually going to work?

I have yet to see a woman who use these practices regularly complain that nothing is changing. You will see changes in your intimate life and your ability to magnetize your mate, even if you've been with him for years!

What if I can’t make it to the live Yoni Palace group meeting?

Not to worry, all the calls will be recorded and you will have access to them inside your membership area on

Can I remain anonymous on the group call?

Yes, we will send you instructions on how to keep your webcam and name OFF during the calls.

How do I use zoom?

Easy! We’ll send you a simple instruction packet to guide you as you easily download this free tool.

What is the refund Policy?

If, after the first call you realize this program is not for you we will give you a full refund, (minus egg costs for star purchasers).

Any other questions not answered here?

Jade Egg Remedy Is Currently Closed.

Enter your name and email below to join the waiting list and be the first to be notified of the new enrollment dates.