As I watch the sun set on another magical day in the Bahamas, I feel the moon rising over my shoulder, and I revel in the power of the masculine and feminine powers that reside on this planet!

Not only are we blessed by the expansion and contraction of nature’s majestic ways, but we’re also blessed with some incredibly powerful leaders in the field that most addresses the ebb and flow of the sexes, Sacred Sexuality.

We find ourselves in some interesting times right now, as shadows are cast upon the once glowing masculine; the men of the world today are finding themselves standing on less than solid ground. The awakened men are wondering how to move forward with integrity and honor, in a world where so many injustices are being carried out with no repercussion.

Meanwhile as the feminine energies emerges from deep underground to catch her first rays of light, all she knows it that she wants MORE! Ohhhh, soooo much more!

So as the feminine collective continues to speak out and speak up we see women all around the world starting to explore not only their voices, but their bodies that are attached to those voices. In this exploration they are uncovering natural sexual power in a very divine and supported way.

While humanity as a whole does need to swing more toward the feminine paradigm (sharing, connecting, working together, acknowledging and supporting one another), we still need the role of the masculine to support and create structure for the essential energy that is coming through right now.

These are powerful times and I am devoted to doing all that I can to bring forth a cohesive blending of the masculine and feminine, so that a deep melding can take place and all of humanity can tune into the oneness that is always there, and has always been there.

This year I will be offering a FREE Telesummit to all my community members.

The Alchemy of Sex Summit: Essential Secrets to Satisfaction and Connection.

I will be interviewing 20 of the world’s leading experts in Sacred Sexuality, Right relationship, and Unshakable Connection. If you’re on the newsletter list, you’ll be the first to know about the summit and how to attend! I feel so blessed and so excited to bring this summit to fruition as 2018 has been an auspicious year for me and Yin Wellness.

This year, I have had the honor of:

+ Officiating the Sacred Marriage of my very dear friends

+ Transforming the lives and va-j-j’s of some incredible women during the Awakening Aphrodite Retreat on the east coast.

+ Guiding my most dedicated Yin Goddesses through our 9 month Sacred Sensuality Series and watching their lives unfurl from inside their soul’s depths.

+ Healing severely challenged patients with Cranio-Sacral in the warm waters of the Bahamas…

+ Inviting my beloved into my home so that our tantric union can deepen and grow! And the year ain’t over yet!

Stay tuned for more details about the upcoming summit on September 26th as I’m sure it will be a deeply powerful, profoundly moving, and highly educational event!

Sending you all my love and blessings!


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