This type of Massage taps into the deep layer of connective tissue that lies beneath the muscles. Imagine a sheet of cloth smoothly layed out on a table, and then imagine pulling on the upper right corner of that cloth, notice how that creates lines of wrinkles in the cloth that extend all the way down to the lower left corner of the cloth. Also, notice that there is more than one line, there is a ray of lines, just from that one pull. This is what happens with our connective tissue. Many times we feel pain in the area opposite the original pull, as in the example above the pain would be felt in the lower left area of the connective tissue.

Yin Wellness Therapists are highly skilled at finding these polar points of tension in the connective tissue and releasing them, so that pain is relieved in the place it is felt and in the place it is originating from.

This extremely effective modality feels amazing, as the practitioner goes only as deep as is needed for the tissue to release effectively, many clients go into a deep state of relaxation during these treatments.