Upcoming Retreats

Taoist Sexual Secrets Revealed

Join this supportive group of women to gain vital insight into your sexual, emotional and spiritual body. Ignite your sensuality and experience supreme vitality!

• Enrich Your Relationships • Clean up Patterns of the Past • Boost Your Sex Life


Willow Brown L.Ac.:Women’s Taoist Sexology Instructor for over a decade. Students learn essential tools for advanced pleasurable states. They feel lighter, sexier and more magnetic as they learn how to step into their sexual power in a way that is authentic and fun! www.thetaoistway.com

  • Sat. & Sun. May 21-22
  • 11:00am-6:00pm (bring a lunch)
  • Monterey Yoga Shala
  • $225 or $195 w/ a friend
  • 724 Abrego St. Monterey CA 93940
  • To register: Call 831-331-7533 or
  • email willow@yinwellness.com

Ana Poirier: founder of Yoga Body Nutrition and the Divine Diva Detox. As a yogini, author, health coach, body worker, and spiritual business mentor, she supports clients all over the world in creating healthy body’s they love! www.yogabodynutrition.com


Nathalie Trees, L.Ac.: Wellness specialist with training in acupuncture, herbalism, nutrition, and functional medicine. Her passion is helping stressed out patients get to the root cause of weight gain, depression, and fatigue so they can feel vibrant, passionate, and youthful again! www.treesacupuncture.com


About Retreats with The Taoist Way

Yin Wellness’ Taoist Sexology Retreats offer you a chance to get away from your daily life and dive deeply into your heart, so that you can understand your next step in life. This next chapter of your life will be augmented through the time you take for yourself to really set up a strong foundation that can carry you forth to live your biggest dreams.


-Taoist yoga and Chi Gong are taught daily to provide you with more energy and vitality. -A natural healing environment provides you with a safe space to let go of all your stress. -All meals are provided, breakfast, lunch and dinner, so that you can nourish your body without lifting a finger. -Acupuncture and Cranio-Sacral combination treatments are offered to help bring your nervous system back to balance. You will learn simple and effective ways to take care of your endocrine system, which is at the root of your entire metabolic system. This means how you process food, sleep, emotions, sex, menstrual cycles, and menopause.

-You will return to life from this retreat feeling rejuvenated and whole in a way that you never have felt before!