Women’s Health & Pediatrics

My experience as a Doula gives me a unique understanding of women’s hormonal systems and I have helped many women through all stages of reproductive life including menopause, infertility, PMS, cramps, migraines and problems occurring during pregnancy ranging from pre eclampsia, to morning sickness and low back pain or sciatica. One of my specialties is in helping pregnant women prepare for delivery. I prefer to begin these preparatory treatments at 36 weeks, but I have had patients who come through their whole pregnancy and others who come in at 40 wks, so anytime is a good time to come see me before you give birth.

I love treating children and elicit remarkable results with my pediatric patients, including infants. Depending on the child I might use cranial-sacral, acupuncture, herbs, or pediatric massage to help a child’s body come back into balance. Acupuncture accompanied with herbs can help them fight off colds and infections, as well as tummy aches, ear infections, anxiety, sleeplessness, or low appetite among many other issues. Part of the process of treating children is teaching parents what they can do to prevent illness, so I always take time to talk with Mom or Dad about diet, proper clothing attire for Santa Cruz, and sleep schedule. Subtle changes go a long way in a child’s life.


Acupuncture is used on infants and small children only when necessary. Smaller than normal needles are inserted and then quickly removed. The idea is to simply stimulate the points, so that health can return to the body.

Cranial-Sacral for babies and small children is the softest and most effective way to bring a child’s health back to balance. Children have less resistance built up around receiving a subtle modality such as cranial-sacral, so it works quickly and efficiently to heal head traumas from birth, suckling issues, earaches, sinus congestion, and much more.

I always integrate all 3 modalities in half hr treatments for kids.