I love teaching Pilates, helping people strengthen their cores so that they may enjoy a healthier more flexible spine and lifestyle is so fun! I was certified through West Coast Pilates Academy in 2004.

When you work your body from the center outward, it prevents injury from occurring in daily activities. As the core becomes stronger the limbs will follow.

The abdominal muscles are the antagonistic muscles to the spine, and when you strengthen the abs you will automatically be strengthening the spine. The glutes are the antagonistic muscles to the hip flexors, so in toning the glutes you open the hip flexors for greater flexibility through the hips and pelvic. As you work to align the shoulders you will feel more open through the neck and upper back relieving tension in that area.

Pilates is an extremely rewarding form of exercise that anyone can do and you will see your body begin to change as you strengthen, tone and align.