6 Months to a Blissful Relationship


Welcome dear one!

You are here for a reason, and I want to begin by acknowledging you for reaching out and asking for the help you need and deserve at this time in your life. There is little in this life more precious than our loves, but that doesn't mean that walking through life in partnership is easy.

It's anything but. 

So, when the road looks rocky, and you're feeling scared for yourself and your relationship, it's time to step up and allow someone else's guidance and care to steer you both back to a place of love and deep respect.

My name is Willow Brown, and I'm just that someone. 

My entire career has been focused on human relationships - the ones we have with ourselves, and our dearest others.

Together, we will navigate the tought stuff, and you and your partner will feel safe to explore together and apart, on your path to reconcilation and deeper connection. 

We'll get back to what it really means to you to be in relationship with eachother, and yourselves. We'll explore the physical and spiritual realms of partnership, and we'll do it all together.

If you're BOTH ready to embrace your love once again and fight for it, then I welcome you in with open arms.

Please note that I only take two couples at a time so that I can be available for them on their journey, and fully support their goals.

What You and Your Sweetie Get: 

1. Weekly Zoom Meeting, 60 min = 12 total (we will cover primary partnership, communication, learning how to fight "smart" not hard, keeping your partner safe and secure, rituals for parting and coming back together, AND understanding the other's brain synapsis - in other words, why they do what they do!)

2. Anytime support = Call, text, or email if things come up and you need my support, please don't hestitate to reach out.

3. Herbs and Suppliments are 30% off. As we go along, I may make reccomendations.

Working with me as a VIP client really allows me to be present to your progress and make the adjustments we need at the proper time, and allows me to hold you and your sweetie accountable to the lifestyle changes we are implementing.

TOTAL INVESTIMENT IS: $6000 for 6 months of One-On-One Support + BONUS -> Receive a 3 day beginners weekend with Charles Miur and the Source School of Tantra (worth $1190.00!!)  


Option 1: 1 month of support for $1000.00

Option 2: 4 months for $3,750.00

(If none of the call times work for you, just shoot me an email at

"In moments where others might get flustered or awkward, Willow remains a calm pillar of unconditional love and acceptance. She helped my partner and I in so many ways. We were instantly able to drop into a judgement free zone of raw authenticity with her. Willow provided the structure, accountability and perspective that my partner I needed in order to begin our sacred sexual journey. As a society, we are yearning for a more aligned way to express ourselves sexually. People like Willow will help facilitate this important transition. Thank you Willow for being a radiant example of what life looks like when you embrace pleasure and sexuality!"

- Stahsha Lach