Sex Is Medicine

Master Class

Like with most things

It’s not what you do - but how you do it.

It’s not that you’re having sex - it’s HOW you’re cultivating your sexual energy.

So, how can we cultivate our sexual energy in a way that ripples out vitality for the entire planet?

Through the ancient wisdom of Taoist Sexuality.


More space, more drive, more time, more fun - Imagine bringing a deep glow to everything you do in life...

Whether you’re trying to conceive

Trying to find emotional stability

Trying to find a new job / home / path to prosperity / career

Trying to reignite the passion with your long time partner, or call in a new relationship altogether...

Whatever it is you’re looking for in your life - bringing sexual Chi (life force energy) is going to make a massive difference in your efforts..

Get results faster - without crashing between bursts of flow.

Get results that feel A-MAZ-ING - instead of accepting good enough.


YOUR SEXUALITY CAN SAVE THE WORLD - Because your sexuality IS the creative life force energy the world around you is born from.

It’s what propels us forward - individually and as a planet.

Come and learn how to harness it.