Kika was born in Brazil with a natural gift for spiritual healing and was drawn to Tantra from an early age. She has studied with internationally recognized teachers (such as Charles and Caroline Muir, and Margo Anand of Sky-Dancing Tantra) and many other well known figures in the world of western Tantra. She carries within her soul an amazing variety of experiences – blending spiritual and philosophical teachings from many different cultures from around the globe. Kika is a radiant force, overflowing with positive energy who guides students to a heart-opening, blissful, authentic Tantric experience and practice. Her seminars, classes, workshops, and private lessons help to create and expand personal fulfillment and enable individuals to cultivate more powerful and loving relationships. Students are supported in learning to love, honor and respect their true selves as well as others from their heart and abdomen (body) – broadening their understanding of human sexuality from a physical and spiritual perspective. Kika teaches that we all are spiritual beings and for most of us, sexual expression is essential to wholeness – vital to our very existence. Sexuality is sacred! Kika’s profound gifts usher in healing for wounds of all types: spiritual, emotional, psychological, physical and sexual. Through her teachings, students learn how to expand joy, cultivate more intimacy, and rediscover pleasure within their personal relationships. Deepen the understanding of your sexual energy and how you can use it to experience a life filled with joy and creativity.