Terry McCants, CMP​

Yellow Moon Bodywork

Yin Tuina (or Yin Tui Na) is a subtle, gentle style of bodywork that provides physical support in the form of holding. It is based on the ancient Eastern principle of non-action that in stillness, movement occurs. Where there may be physical pain or emotional stress in the body, Yin Tuina facilitates the release of these underlying holding patterns or energetic blockages, restoring the body/mind/spirit to a healthy balance. Terry often includes Acupressure and Craniosacral during her sessions, in tandem with Yin Tuina.

After observing quick and substantial improvements from a cycling injury, Terry developed an intrigue for Yin Tuina as a patient when other forms of treatment were yielding slower results. Deepening her inquiry, she studied at Five Branches University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, receiving her Asian Bodywork Practitioner Certification in 2013. ​Alongside her Practice, Terry is an avid lover of the creative arts. She has a deep-rooted passion in providing resources for others to align with their true passions and life goals, and for facilitating greater flow in life. She has found that Yin Tuina with the support of a practitioner provides a unique opportunity for one to refine listening to the body's internal, innate wisdom.