Have you ever felt like you set yourself into a tailspin of doing, doing, doing, that left you feeling exhausted and empty?

Know anyone else like this?

If you said “oh, yeah” to either of these questions then read on!

We live in a world that is elementally out of balance, meaning that our alignment with what is natural has gone askew. Which element might I be referring to in the case of “doing, doing, doing?”

Yep, the FIRE element!

As a human culture, our fire element is waaayyyy out of balance, partially because of media telling us that we are not “worthy, lovable, good enough” if we don’t look a certain way, carry a certain i-gadget or have a certain status in society.

We also might have received this message from our parents, who are passing it down from their parents. Doing, doing, doing, and rushing around all the time has become an epidemic. We are passing the importance of “productivity” on to your youth in a way that is not healthy.

When your fire element is in balance there is a sense of contentment. When we are in a state of contentment we are not looking for things to be “other than the way that they are.” This is called acceptance and acceptance breads contentment.

In that state of being your breath rate is slow and steady, and your heart rate is stable and consistent. Your nervous system likes it when your mind is content, and you are accepting of what is.

I recently met a young career-driven man who cringed when I spoke the word contentment “I hate that word,” he said. “How about acceptance?” I asked. “Oh, even worse,” he said, “acceptance is like giving up.”

I smiled and replied, “I understand that argument, but I believe that accepting what is, does not mean that you don’t want to make a change.”

Why is it important to make changes and grow from a place of acceptance and contentment?

A few reasons:

1. Simply put it is better for your health! That same young man who hated the word “acceptance” suffers from anxiety, stress, loneliness, and insomnia.

2. The change or growth that comes from a place of acceptance is more sustainable. It may take longer for the change to come about, but it will last longer and it will support future changes in a direction that follows your truth.

3. It allows you to be authentic in the changes you make. You do what is right for you, as opposed to shifting your life around because you think someone else will love you more for it.

Taking the time to develop a practice of acceptance and contentment will not only add years to your life it will make you feel more at peace in the moment. You can develop this practice in moments of stillness (lying in bed at night), or times of contemplation (commuting to work in the morning). It is a mindset shift, accepting yourself and your life for who and what they are currently and acknowledging that it is just as it “should be.” Honestly, if it ought to be some other way, then it would be some other way, and it will be as it “should be” when the time is ripe for that.

It is important to plant seeds of consciousness in your mind and in your heart, so that you may create whatever you desire to create and the physiological/psychological experience of contentment will only augment your growth and the changes you make to create a better life.

A mantra to help you practice: “All is well”

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