You will receive a tailored treatment to fit your needs using a combination of myo-facial release massage to remove muscle tension, acupuncture to open meridians and harmonize organs, and cranial-sacral to re-align your skeletol structure and re-set your nervous system.

Changing your health often means changing your life, this can feel a little scary at times, but that is where I come in, to help you shift toward a healthier lifestyle at a rate that feels comfortable to you.

If you have back pain, sciatica, hip and shoulder pain and you are looking for relief you have found it! I love to help my patients clear pain and suffering from their tissues. Be it chronic or acute, I believe there is a Pain free body available for everyone. When we are children we are flexible, supple and in most cases pain free… so uncovering the stress, injuries and tension that block our natural way of being can renew us back to a free physical state.

This integration of modalities allows my patients to relax and heal on every level, from musculature, to energetic meridian system to the core of our health the nervous system. After a treatment you will feel deeply relaxed and better than you have in a while. This type of treatment continues to integrate into the tissues of your body for days to come.

Realigning these important systems in the body is unique to each person, the frequency and amount of treatment needed varies from person to person depending on the length of time spent in discomfort or dis-ease, and depending on the mind and bodies willingness to change.

I have been actively practicing massage of various styles since 2001. I love to integrate all the modalities I have learned along the way, which include Sweedish, Polarity, Tai Yoga Massage, Tui Na (Chinese style), Chi Nei Tsang (deep visceral organ massage), and Cranial-Sacral.

I am currently practicing out of my home office, which includes use of hot tub and bio-mat (amethyst crystals heated with infrared, which sends negative-ions deep into the bodies cells for detoxification and rejuvenation.) I really love working from home and my patients really enjoy the quiet and private environment as well.