It’s A New Year, and a New Decade!

If your anything like me you are creating some lofty goals for this next round of the journey… 

In 2020 I will be getting my Doctorate in Chinese Medicine and writing my first book.  If I can get around to creating my men’s course (The Allstar’s Guide to Understanding Women – A 2 Month Journey) it will be the cherry on top…. But no pressure on that.

Let’s talk about manifesting for a moment. 

This word is being thrown about so much these days that it’s starting to lose it’s magic.  People are often saying it with a sarcastic undertone.

“You can just manifest the money you need for rent….” hahaha.

“If you want a beloved partner, just manifest one….” hahaha.

As a spiritual practitioner who has been actively manifesting her life for over 2 decades, here’s what I can say about the actual practice of  manifesting.

It’s more than just focusing on a positive outcome for a certain situation in your life and hoping, wishing and praying that it comes to fruition.  

It’s more than just walking on the beach and vibrating at the frequency you want to feel when you actually have the thing your manifesting. Or sitting on your meditation cushion and dropping into that feeling.

While those things do help and are part of the journey to arriving at said destination, you also have to take action.

You need to bring some yang (action, heat, fire, structure) to your yin (receiving, being, breathing, feeling)

What is your PLAN?

What steps will you take to create this sparkling jewel of bliss in your life?

When creating this plan, work your way from the destination backward.  

Imagine you have the thing your manifesting in your life, and ask yourself what would need to be in place 1 month before that thing / person arrives? 

What would need to be in place 2 months before it arrives? 

How about 3 months, and 4 months before it arrives? 

Depending on the pearl of joy or accomplishment I am calling into my life, I will work my way 6 to 12 months backward.

Here’s an example of my manifestation map for the year:

12 months from now I will have my first book published and a Doctorate!

(don’t pick more than 3 things if mapping them all together)

At 11 months, my publishing company will be working with me to finalize publication.

At 10 months, I will take a well deserved vacation somewhere warm and do any final edits on my book that the publisher wants.

At 9 months, I will have submitted my final edition of the book to the publisher.

At 8 months, I will complete the doctorate program, and be putting the finishing touches on my book.

At 7 months, I will have 2 more chapters written (the book will have 7-9 chapters)

At 6 months – I will have 2 more chapters written

At 5 months – I will have 2 more chapters written. Doctorate moving along

At 4 months – I will have one or two chapters done.

At 3 months – I will have my Inline and outline for the book created.

At 2 months – I will have my 1st Case Study written and presented. I will have my book proposal written and sent in to 2 publishers.

At 1 month – I will start the doctorate program and get started on writing case study papers.  I will spend 15-30 minutes on my book as many days as possible (I will map out each week individually according to time available that weeks to work on the book)

As you can see the outline is a rough guideline that will change and morph as you go along… the point is not to have firm deadlines that stress you out, but to have a general map that will keep you on track toward acquiring that which you’re manifesting.

If you are calling in something less tangible like more grace, your map could look something like this: 

In 6 months I will be walking through my life in total grace, which means that I will be making choices from a place of love rather than fear, I will be responding to triggering moments with a pause rather than a reaction. I will take that “pause time” to step into my most gracious self, which is where I feel gratitude for all the good things I have in my life and appreciate myself for the reality I have created thus far.  

Defining the less tangible goals for yourself is crucial….. In this example what does it mean to walk in grace? Who will show up in your life? Where will it take you in your emotional state? Where will it take you in the world?

The map would look like this:

6 months: I walk in pure grace 95% of the time.

5 months from now: I will appreciate myself for all the time and energy I have put into this endeavor of building up grace within myself by taking myself for a spa day.

4 months from now: I will begin the practice of the pause, so that I can begin to change my reactions to triggering events or people.

3 months from now: I will have a better understanding of why I react to certain triggers, and why my reaction is what it is.

2 months from now: I will develop a strong gratitude practice.

This first month: I will bring more consciousness to the choices I am making and ask myself if I am making them out of love or fear?

In Tibetan Buddhism there is a beautiful practice that incorporates both karma and emptiness. If you are not familiar with these terms, I will define them here.

Karma is what ripens from the seeds you plant in your heart, karmic seeds take 6 months to manifest.  A seed could be an actual thing you do, and action or it could just be a thought you have, whether you take action on it or not, the seed gets planted.

Emptiness is the fact that nothing is anything until your perceive it as something. My teacher always uses the example of a pencil. If I give the pencil to a person, that person will perceive it as a pencil, but if I give that same pencil to a dog, it will perceive it as a chew toy, therefore the pencil is neither a pencil nor a chew toy, it is empty.

You can use the laws of karma and emptiness quite effectively in your manifestation journey by thinking about somebody in your life that you care about who you know wants the same thing as you and wishing them great success in getting it. 

This plants the specific karmic seeds in your hear that you want to see come to fruition.

When manifesting something you have never created in your life before sometimes there is a disconnect, meaning there is a part of you that does not believe you can actually create this.

So you’ve got to manifest from a place of truth, this is Satya, one of the yoga sutras that says, “Let your life be a reflection of the truth you speak/ think.” Remember that your perception is not always the truth, pause to make space for truth in your mind.”

So let’s say I want to manifest earning $100,000.00 in one month.  Sounds great, and I can vibrate to that frequency all I want, and visualize the money coming to me and pray to all my angels to bring it to me, but if somewhere inside of me there is a voice saying, “yeah right, that is never going to happen, you are not in the kind of profession that can do that,” then my manifestation practice is doomed from the start.

In this case, what I need to do is manifest from a place a truth. I know I can make over $10,000 in one month, so I know I could make over $20,000 in one month. If I truly believe I could make over $50,000 in one month then I can use that amount as my manifestation point and create my plan from there.

One of my biggest cautions when stepping into a strong manifesting practice in your life is to remember that if you get too myopically focused on creating your manifeston you could miss out on all the other gifts the universe is trying to give you.  

Manifest lightly by releasing your attachment to having the exact thing you want show up.  Add an element of surrender to your practice, in fact you can use this practice to augment the outcome of what you’re manifesting.

In the yoga sutras it is the fifth of the 5 Niyama’s, which are practices that relate to you personally. It’s called Ishvara Pranidhana – in a word SURENDER.

Surrender everything that you do to a higher source (Goddess/ God/ Spirit/ Allah/ Shiva/ Jah/ Tao) the name of your higher power is not important, what is important is that you make regular daily offerings to them.  If you can consciously think to do it, offer everything to them.  

This surrender and offering practice will allow you to receive all the extra gifts that come along with what you are manifesting.

For example if you are calling in your beloved and you open yourself to receive that gift in all the forms that it comes in, you might deepen a connection with a dear friend or family member along the way.  

If your manifesting an amazing physique it’ll be great to get to the gym 3x per week and eat healthy, but it will be 10 x more powerful and effective if you do it in honor of a high power. Offer it to your “God,” or offer it to another person and plant a healthy karmic seed in your heart.

It could sound like this. “I’m going to go the gym 3x per week for my friend who’s sick and can’t exercise herself. Every time I enjoy my healthy body I will dedicate it to her finding a new level of health in her body.”

Manifest with orgasmic energy!

Pleasure YOURSELF at least once a week so that your body knows the truth of pleasure, and has an up-to-date experience of what feels good. 

When you self-cultivate (better word for it than masterbate), you can make love to the vision your are manifesting.  See it in your minds eye and cultivate the feeling you’ll have when it’s in your life. By adding sexual energy to the mix of manifestation you bring more creative juices to party and step into more pleasure joy and fun…. Manifesting should not be taken too seriously.

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Willow Brown L.Ac.


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