What you get?

4 Phase Video Series: The videos lead you through specific Yoga, Qi gong and Taoist Sexology practices that are designed to get your juices flowing and your mind centered.

Sacred Cycles Call: A Community call every other week. We meet in group format to discuss and explore your relationship to your body. How receptive you are to the things you want in life. Learn meditations and new ways of thinking about your body, your health and your spiritual connection to sex and life.

Taoist Cycles Cookbook: A 30-day meal plan that guides your hormones into ideal balance, so that you may experience a sense of control around your emotions. It includes recipes and an easy to follow lay-out.

Chinese Herbs: Support a healthy moon cycle, which in turn increases your sexual desire, your fertility levels, and decreases peri-menopausal and menopausal symptoms.

Bonus: A weekend immersion into this practice.

30% off any other supplements or treatments while enrolled in the program.