Tantric Expansions in the Midst of Winter

Consciousness Knows No Season...

Through the ancient wisdom of Tantra, expansion occurs. However, nature consistently tells us that there is no expansion without a contraction to follow.  

The question is, how can we navigate the ebb and flow of life with grace and ease, when there is pressure to succeed, produce, and have it all figured out?

I was on a quest to answer that question this winter on a recent 11 day Tantra Yoga Teacher Training.

As I journeyed with 24 new friends through the depths of our inner-most selves, I got to walk the tantric path like never before.  A deep expansion of love and devotion to my own truth occurred within me, followed by the contraction of my life circumstances.

It was the ultimate challenge to show up in my truth, follow my “Yes,” and resist the urge to carry others as they went through their own processes of expansion and contraction.

The configuration of people who came together was a microcosmic picture of the macrocosm of the world all around.

Showing up in presence and love, connecting with souls that resonated in both present and past lifetimes, gave me a profound experience of how intimacy can lead you straight into the arms of the Beloved.  Magnetic forces from within these souls opened up pathways in me that had been aching to open for a long time.

  Questions for you:

How do you access the expansion of love in your life? Where does this source of love come from? How do you handle the contractions that follow each expanded experience of love, bliss, and joy?  Are you in the practice of receiving grace and ease?

Intimacy created with another present soul allows you to see into yourself the places where your truth lies.  Intimacy, “into-me-I-see” this popular adage carries weight when you take the time and space to experience the mirror of another person reflecting their light back to you.   To connect eyes, connect breath, connect souls and know without words, without stories, that you are face to face with The Beloved, The Divine, The God or Goddess that you commune with.

Human-ness will always show up when you are accessing your connection to Great Spirit through the eyes of another, which is why some prefer to find that connection through nature, animals, music or words, but there is something deeply gratifying and palpable when it comes from the beat of another’s heart.  It resonates differently, because it comes from human frequency.

Read this aloud to yourself:

Thank You Beloved

Thank you Beloved for coming to me in the form of divine intimacy.

Thank you Beloved for forming my soul with the soul of another, if only for a moment, and nourishing me with Presence and Love.

Thank you Beloved for coming to me in the form of vital incongruence. Thank you Beloved for showing me your truth, whilst allowing me a choice, as you suspend your judgment.

Thank you Beloved for meeting my eyes in the form of a red sky dotted with soft pink clouds.

Thank you Beloved for touching my skin through the form of warm liquid light and deep relief.

Thank you Beloved for touching my soul with the melody of your love.  I will always receive your song as it penetrates deep into my heart.

Thank you Beloved for brushing your lips against mine and opening my voice to the tones of truth that ring in my spirit.

Thank you Beloved for showing up through the eyes of my sisters and brothers, who walk with me now.

I embrace your love and give thanks for your devotion.

You have my back in all ways and all times.

I trust you.

I love you.

I am you.

The practice of Red Tantra (2 or more persons) is massively augmented by the practice of White Tantra (solo practice).  As you continue to cultivate your own Inner Wisdom and connection to The Divine, entertain the possibility of sharing it with another.  This person could be anyone from your spouse to your best friend. A Red Tantric practice does not need to include your sexual organs, but if it does be prepared for a whole world of possibility to unfold before you.  

My recent experience allowed me to release the grips of humanity’s pain from deep within my pelvis.  Meaning that, I was able to go directly into the pain that was held inside my pelvic bowl and what emerged was all the misunderstandings that lead to painful reactions, that lead to infliction of pain both within my own life and within the collective experience of women and of men.

It was deeply profound and I feel completely regenerated and free of all that I had been holding.  I am more available than ever before to simply be with my partner, my clients, my friends, my family, and they can sense the shift.

In order to navigate the ebb and flow of life with grace and ease, when there is pressure to succeed, produce, and have it all figured out, we need to be uber clear on what our personal truth is, and then learn to stand in the that truth without apology or doubt.  It is a game of how firmly you can hold your own sword of truth, and not get pulled around emotionally by the reactions of others.

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