Who am I?


My name is Dr. Willow Brown, and I’m a Sexpert for the Hormonally Challenged; a devoted guide for the exhausted and over-run; and a compassionate healer for those who have lost their divine feminine spark - or are curious to discover it for the first time.

What is this place?

My company, Yin Wellness, is the vehicle through which I HEAL.

I have guided thousands of women, men, and couples around the world to heal and transform their lives through a return to  the essence of their sexual wisdom - which, in my experience, is always followed by an explosion of abundance!  

Why should I care?

When I was 19 years old, I was the victim of a rape, and I lost my innocence and myself for a time.

That” lost self” made some bad choices…

I became addicted to sugar and smoking, and was heavily reliant on alcohol.

I had to quit these addictive behaviors, and when I did, I was rewarded.

A vision became clear, a pathway to healing, and to helping.

Is it true you've since unlocked the keys to the universe?

In a sense… Yes ;).

Since those early years of addiction and shame, I’ve awakened.

I’ve sat at the feet of masters and learned Taoist Sexuality - as a healing practice, and way of being. I became an acupuncturist, and a Chinese Medicine Doctor. I became a doula, and a pelvic care specialist. I studied yoga, Qi Gong, Pilates, and began teaching others.

When I learned these powerful healing systems - and put them into practice  - I was able to move forward, find my partner, and to truly begin living again.

This healing is available to all of us. And when coupled with the internal work it takes to release trauma and years of stagnant chi...brilliant, results ARE AVAILABLE TO YOU. Promise.

Whether you’re struggling with painful periods, hormonal mood swings, a lack of understanding of your own body and its rhythms, or a deep disconnect in your intimate relationship - this struggle is overcome-able.

What is taoist sexology?

Let’s break it down.

This is a practice the gives you the most intimate connection you’ll ever know, and that connection is with your own body. Super Sexy!

Sexology is the observation of sexual energy that flows through your body. Your Sexual energy means your drive, desire, and ability to have orgasms, multiple orgasms, and in this practice there is something called a Superior Orgasm, in which you draw your orgasmic energy up into your glands and organs in order to heal and re-charge them.

Your sexual energy also means your ability to conceive a baby, & experience regular and healthy periods.

Many women think that having cramps the first couple days of their period is normal; it is common - but it is not normal.

In addition, your sexual energy helps determine your experience of peri and post menopause. This practice can help eliminate night-sweats, sleeplessness, low libido, and mood swings.

What is taoism?

Taoism is an ancient philosophy that observes nature. “The Tao” is also called “The Way.” It is “The Way” that nature moves through the human body. This is how Acupuncture and the meridian system were developed.

Ancient Taoist observed their bodies through the lens of mother nature. Within their bodies they saw rivers, trees, mountains and valleys.

There are points within the meridian system that represent oceans, streams, and wells. So our bodies are like a microcosm of the the earth’s body.

Living in harmony your body is an essential part of living in harmony with nature.

How come you have an army of raving fans?

I embrace the whole person, and provide you with a holistic approach to healing. Your hormones may be the reason you’re having trouble right now - but they’re NOT the cause, just the symptom. Our work together will get to the root, allow you to explore your body and your sexuality in a safe way, and embrace new levels of pleasure.

A lifestyle change isn’t easy, but the women I work with have made those big changes, and seen massive results

For over 20 years, I have made my life’s work about transforming YOURS.

I want to teach you these tools, so that your life can become your fullest expression of self.


Women and couple's work with me in a few ways:

Light and Love,