A Different Kind of Christmas Story

Last year, I took a personal pilgrimage to the lands of my ancestors to get clear about whether or not I was meant to become a Mom in this lifetime.. There I was, deep in the heart of Ireland, far from all civilization, lost in the mountains as the wind blew and the rain began […]

Did you grow up with Religious guilt? (The Shame Series)

In my last article, I wrote about what shame feels like – and what you could be experiencing instead. It’s a big topic. Which is why I’m bringing you this Part 2: All about religious shame. Did you grow up with Religious guilt? Me too. Somehow, I was able to not succumb to the imposed […]

How Shame Feels – And What You Could Be Experiencing Instead.

Shame is the Opposite of Vitality! It’s the Silent Killer. Shame, next to fear, is the most debilitating emotion you can endure. Whether it’s a fleeting moment of embarrassment or a deep well of intense self-doubt that’s been with you your whole life, shame steals your vital life force energy.  Few emotions are more draining […]

6 New Lifestyle Practices To Stay Calm During Quarantine

While many people are getting swept up in the anxiety of these uncertain times, I am staying grounded and remaining positive…Not because I am naturally that way, but because I have been using the following Taoist principles every day! Good news is that you can use these same principles *without* spending a lot of time […]

Had Enough Sugar? So Have Your Adrenals!

Had Enough Sugar? →  So have your adrenals!   If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much importance I place on happy healthy adrenals and how I believe they are one of the most fundamental keys to your happiness. You may also have learned from me that the way that you feel, (happy, […]