Consenting Couples Make Happy Couples

Recently I got a request from a follower to go deeper into what it means to consent with your partner after having been with them for soooo long. How do you ask for what you want? And how do you even know what you want from them, intimately and sexually? GOOD QUESTIONS! We’ll be exploring […]

What about the Men?

Recently I was talking with one of my guy friends, who’s single and in the dating world.   He was telling to me how hard it is for men right now to know how to even approach a women without crossing the invisible lines of, “how dare you violate my space” and “who do you think […]

End your suffering in relationships and say hello to divine love!

Let’s talk about your next year! It is said that 2018 is going to be a transitional year, and for those of you who have gone through or seen “transition” in child birth you know that this part is the most uncomfortable. It’s the moment right before you meet your baby, so there is a […]

Take back your winter. Take back your life!

Who likes the holidays anyway? You may love them or you may hate them or potentially you are in the midland range. Regardless, it’s likely that the holidays bring about…wait for it…stress! There’s the extra bustle and busyness of preparing for holiday parties, dinners and white elephants exchanges. Then there’s the emotional stress of having […]

Give thanks. No matter what!

You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Gratitude is the only attitude,” or “Energy goes where attention flows.” Well gratitude is not the only attitude, there are many attitudes to partake in, yet gratitude is certainly an excellent way to create more of what you are grateful for. When you put your attention on what you […]

Achieve Sexual Success Today

What does that mean? Sexual success? Does that mean you get a blue ribbon of success or ten gold stars of achievement? Not exactly! To achieve sexual success means that you walk away from the experience feeling satisfied and fulfilled on every level. Is this something you achieve once and BOOM you are there, never […]