How to Eliminate the #1 Sex Drive Killer

I bet you can guess what zaps your sex drive more than anything, because it actually zaps you on all levels. It will mess with your sleep, and your wake time. It will have your mind running around in circles, like a rat running on a hamster wheel, you will be running but going nowhere, […]

Inspiration from the most Sacred Buddhist Temple in the World

When the self dissolves and the ego falls away a purity of interconnection with all bubbles to the surface. It can take your breath away, it make your heart stop. Lean into it, embrace the sensation of oneness. In this endless stillness lies a gift that cannot be seen, nor touched, only felt….. The gift […]

The Power of Acceptance

Have you ever felt like you set yourself into a tailspin of doing, doing, doing, that left you feeling exhausted and empty? Know anyone else like this? If you said “oh, yeah” to either of these questions then read on! We live in a world that is elementally out of balance, meaning that our alignment […]

3 Simple Ways to Create more Pleasure

Good morning God’s and Goddesses!, As I land back in California after a month of retreat and a little bit of work in Indonesia, I am called to share with you my newly resourced practices to create more pleasure, NO MATTER WHAT YOU ARE DOING! Let’s begin with why pleasure is important in the first […]

Womb Magic

Free of gender or status the magic of your womb is ready to live! Healed, alive, and tuned into the deep mystery of life that we call the Tao… All around me women are giving their wombs the time, space and attention to truly heal form the shame, pain, and resentment that has been buried […]

5 Key’s for Healthy Hormones

Can the Emotional Roller-Coaster be eliminated? Understanding what is happening in your blood stream on a daily basis, sheds useful perspective on your moods. Your hormones are like little messenger that run up and down your blood lines, they tell other glands which hormones to secrete and when. If you are a woman you may […]