You’ve probably heard the old adage, “Gratitude is the only attitude,” or “Energy goes where attention flows.” Well gratitude is not the only attitude, there are many attitudes to partake in, yet gratitude is certainly an excellent way to create more of what you are grateful for. When you put your attention on what you are grateful for you are sending that thing more energy, therefore watering it, nourishing it and watching it grow.


The good thing about practicing gratitude is that there is almost always something you could be grateful for.  For example this morning I walked into a public restroom and immediately walked right back out and thought, “Boy, I sure am grateful I don’t have to clean that bathroom!” Now obviously this is not a major focus of mine, but I would like to never have to clean a public restroom, so my moment of gratitude will help perpetuate that.


Use these two gratitude practices on a daily basis to create more blessings!


At the end of every day lay in bed and think about all the things you are grateful for from that morning. Start with waking up next to your sweetie, (or in bed by yourself where your can stretch out your limbs in all directions), then the water you drink first thing in the morning. (Health tip: before your coffee/caffeine preferably with a squeeze of lemon.) During your morning practice, where it is preparing yourself and the kids for the day or a yoga practice you can actively feel grateful for your breath and the movements you experience. While eating breakfast you can actively practice gratitude for the delicious nourishment you are receiving. Eating is such a sensual experience if you choose to make it one. (Health tip: chew each bite 30-40 times. Not only will it help you digest better, but you will enjoy your meal more!)


Then move on to the afternoon, and recap all the things that brought you joy or pleasure. As the day goes on there are a ton of little things to appreciate.  When you are quiet and still at night, this is a great time to review the days events and appreciate all the goodness that came to you.  Every time I receive a payment from a patient, I add a couple zeros in my mind and radiate feelings of gratitude. Remember that when you appreciate what is coming to you, you invite more of it to come.


Sometimes as I am doing my daily review I count how many things I can feel grateful for in one day, just for fun, and I generally can count 20-30 things that I am truly grateful for, depending on the day! If you take this practice up yourself, or if you already do it, I’d love to hear how many things you are grateful for in any given day. Shoot me an email and let me know!


The second practice I would like to share with you is the Gratitude Bell Practice; all you need is a cute little bell that you can keep in your car or your bag. When you are en route from one place to another ring your bell (especially when there is a really good song playing) and think about all the things you are grateful for. Better yet speak them out loud! Ringing in your gratitude is so very powerful! I have been doing this almost 10 years, and I’ll tell you that while I have moments of feeling like I am going backward on my journey of life, I have not actually regressed in my spiritual, physical or worldly evolution.


It is true that you will go through periods of time where it feels like there is absolutely nothing to be grateful for and the whole world is caving in all around (especially in this crazy political climate with less and less respect for human life and the sacredness of the body temple). This is why we must fight harder and work more to find the things that bring us joy and give them proper acknowledgement. You always have a choice to focus on what is wrong or to focus on what is right, and right now we need more people focusing on what is right. Start with the small things and do not stop!


How do you know if your gratitude practice is working?

Pick something small, like a green light at an intersection. When the light turns green, proclaim, “I am so grateful for this green light!” As you come upon the next intersection, before you even get there say, “I am so grateful for the green light up ahead that will allow me to sail through the intersection.” Just start to get playful with your gratitude practice. Trust me, you can create magic with it!


As you know, I am a huge advocate for you creating the love, sex and vitality you most desire in your life and one of the most fun and powerful ways of doing this is through this practice!

Gratitude is a form of grace.


And grace comes in through the back door of the heart, the point between your shoulder blades. I encourage you to soften you shoulders and let go of all the “I should this” or “ I should that” and allow what is to flow in as the armor on your back releases. Acknowledge and share grace with your partner and see how much beauty unfolds.

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