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So have your adrenals!  

If you’ve been following me for a while you know how much importance I place on happy healthy adrenals and how I believe they are one of the most fundamental keys to your happiness.

You may also have learned from me that the way that you feel, (happy, sad, anxious, stressed) has A LOT to do with your hormones. The moods that follow your around month after month taking up precious space in your relationships, physical body and mind are directly related to your estrogen, progesterone and testosterone levels – even if you are in menopause, even if you are a man.

Here’s what I know, getting in the driver’s seat of your emotional roller coaster is much more effective than trying to get off the roller coaster.

Why’s that?

Because the roller coaster that your hormones travel and subsequent moods they create are natural, and honestly, you’re better off embracing this reality than trying to escape it.

I remember when I first started to practice the Taoist Sexology practices that I’ve been teaching these last 7 years and how my intention was to “gain control” over my erratic emotions.  It took me about 3 weeks of practice before I realized that releasing control was going to take me much further in life than trying to gain control.

I was 20 at the time I started this practice, which is known to not only give you better orgasms, but also to boost your overall health and vitality.  I had just gone through a traumatic rape that left me pregnat at 19, and I knew that if I didn’t get the healing and support I needed I would shut down my sexuality and start going down the road of shame, pain and not enjoying my body.  

I decided to travel to Asia where I studied everything I could about Taoist Sexology and healing.

I had read several books by Mantak Chia, dog eared and underlined Steven Chang’s book, (which to this day I consider the bible of Taoist Sexology), but I wanted some direct teachings from these teachers and others, so off I went on a 6 month adventure to heal and find myself again.

What I can say about this practice and all the amazing teachers I’ve been able to study with over the years, is that ultimately, YOU will be your best teacher. That’s why we call it Sexology, because any “ology” is the study of or the observation of something, like psych-ology, bi-ology, endocrin-ology, physi-ology, etc….. You become a researcher for your own sexual energy, and this can be both healing and incredibly expanding.

Your own sexual energy is made up of two things. 

  1. One is knowing what turns you on and how to ask for it, your ability to have orgasms, have multiple orgasms and experience a fufilling sex life. Living free of shame and guilt. 
  2. Two is having a deep connection to your hormonal system (endocrine).  Knowing when your system is off and when it’s in balance and harmony. 

What I have found over the last 20 years of studying both my body and thousands of other women’s bodies is that when you get the bottom of one observation in your sexology journey, you’ll find yourself at the top of the next “observation.”

My student Jessica had grown up in a very religious family, where sex was taught to be shameful and sinful, so she had never allowed herself to find any pleasure in it.  After 16 years of marriage to her husband, who she loved very much, and a couple of kids, she felt like she was losing it all. Everything she had worked so hard to create, seemed to be slipping through her fingers.

Her kids were in their teens and showing a lot of disrespect to both their parents, but primarily to her, and her husband was of no help, it seemed like he was starting to lose respect for her as well. 

He started to say things he’d never said before like, “Well, if you took better care of yourself, maybe our sex life wouldn’t be in the dumps.”  He even started to make rude comments about her body and blatantly eyeballing other women when he was with her. 

Right before she reached out to me they had been walking in their local downtown area when an attractive young woman walked past them, he said, “Now there’s a figure you should be striving for honey.”  OUCH! 

The things he would say would shock her entire nervous system.  She had never heard him talk like this! It felt like he didn’t love her anymore.

Having never really enjoyed sex, due to her Catholic upbringing, it wasn’t something she ever initiated.  

So she decided she would try to initiate love-making more, only to feel rejected at every failed attempt.  

We started working together and within one month she was working through all the old shame and guilt in regards to sex that she had learned as a child. She knew her body wasn’t perfect, she had always had a nice figure in her youth and could eat anything she wanted, but after the second child things didn’t quite bounce back the same way.  

Once Jessica got through the first layer of guilt and body shame, she realized she had been reaching for sweets every time she felt guilty or shameful about herself.  

When she shared this with me, we decided that breaking her addiction to sweets would be an invaluable part of clearing out this old samskara (imprint/pattern/habit/mind-fuck) that left her in a wake of never truly enjoying the pleasures of the flesh.

Though she was doubtful that she could eliminate sugar and carbohydrates from her diet she was committed, so I put her on a “get off sugar” protocol, and within 2 days her cravings were GONE. 

She was astounded. She had tried many times before to stop eating the sweets she craved, but never quite had the will-power she thought she needed. 

When I explained to her that eliminating carbs was not about will-power – she laughed and said she did not believe me, but that she was open to trying.  Within the first week of her “get of sugar” protocol, she was feeling much lighter.

If you’d like to learn about this magical “get off sugar” protocol Jessica took, please join our FREE Eliminate Sugar Completely Challenge.

Within 2 weeks Jessica started to see that little pudge she had carried around her midriff since baby number two, melt away. She was motivated by the results she was seeing and kept on top of her new diet. She had eliminated all breads, pastas, cookies, chocolate, sweets and even fruit, and really did not crave any of it – she was amazed!

Her knee and wrist pain that had been bothering her for several years disappeared and her neck and shoulder pain were starting to diminish. She was definitely sleeping better and waking up with more energy.

Her afternoon 4pm energy-dip that always had her stopping at coffeetopia for a latte and a cookie was still there, but only by half. (We would work on her adrenals next to totally eliminate that).

Her skin was clear as a bell and much brighter, as were her eyes. She was taking the routine exercises she’d been doing for years to the next level and even adding in some pilates classes.

Jessica, was on a role, and she was not about to stop! We worked on her adrenals, her ovaries, her pituitary and hypothalamus (all hormone glands) and we got her gut functioning better, which is where 90% of your serotonin is produced. Serotonin is a hormone that makes you feel happy and at peace, not to mention helps you sleep well and digest properly.

About two months into our work together Jessica noticed her husband’s eyes scoping her booty, and she also noticed she liked it! It gave her a little zing through her yoni and a pop to her confidence, which we were also working on.

We did a coaching session to boost her confidence in initiating sex after all the fails that still lingered in her memory and when she actually initiated, and took charge of the sexual encounter, she not only had the most fun she’s ever had but she experienced the most pleasure – followed by the best orgasm she’s ever had!

As she continued to live her Sexology she noticed that her kids were treating her differently and everything in her life was changing for the better. She was not without her hard days, and ever-changing moods, but she was not resistant to those times.

She knew how to work with those low days, and she would never go back to getting stuck in them again, she knew how to move the energy in her body, whether it was stress, anxiety, worry or grief, she always had somewhere to turn to.

I share Jessica’s story with you because it is a beautiful example of what’s possible when you begin to change the inner landscape of your life.

By letting go of the limiting beliefs and old stories that hold you back, you can rebirth yourself into the women you were meant to be.

We are thrilled to be offering a fun FREE Get Off Sugar Completely 4-day Challenge, in which I will teach you how to use the same exact protocol Jessica used to eliminate inflammatory carbohydrates from your diet.

We will keep the complex-carbohydrates found in veggies in your diet, but we will do a deep cleaning of all the sugars that make your gut wall inflamed and disrupt the balance of your microbiome.

You will notice tons of other inflamed areas in your body heal within the 4 days of our “Challenge,” which will motivate you to keep going. Joint pain, brain fog, stress, anxiety, bloating, gas, skin, sleep and outlook on life will disappear or improve dramatically!

If your system is extremely toxic you may experience detox reactions such as headaches, malaise, sleeplessness, or severe moods, but if you stick with it beyond our 4 day challenge you will certainly see the benefits soon!

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