If you are a woman who is following your cycle and knows when your period is coming and when you ovulate, congratulations for being ahead of the curve!

This is a huge leg up in the world of being a woman! Now with period tracker apps this should be a no-brainer, but I can’t tell you how many women I encounter who still have no idea when they ovulate.

What’s more is they are confused by the emotional congestion they feel until their period comes and then say, “Ahhh, no wonder I was so cranky.

My job in life is to help women understand the correlation between the saturation levels of their hormones and their emotions; they go hand in hand every time ladies!

Even with all the fancy tracking apps, it is still sometimes tricky to know when your period is coming because you may have an irregular cycle, meaning that sometimes you bleed every 24 days and sometimes it’s 32 days between periods. This is, of course, due to a hormone imbalance – likely caused by the many endocrine disruptors that are so rampant in our world today.

These guys are everywhere, ranging from plastics, toxins, artificial hormones, stress, and even bio-identical hormones, not to mention the severe lack of nutrition many people suffer from due to high carb diets.

I digress…. This blog is not about how to fix what is wrong with your cycle, but rather to focus on what is right!

So, you may have noticed that around the time of your ovulation you get extra turned on.

Wink, wink, nudge, nudge!

Your sex drive might go up “just a little,” so that it is hardly noticeable; or it might rage within you like a wild beast! Making everyone nearby look sexy and attractive.

This is happening because your estrogen levels are at their highest, and along for the ride with the peak in this amazing hormone is a significant peak in your testosterone. (I think you already know the emotional frequency testosterone brings.) The emotions that ensue from these high levels are ones of confidence, radiance, and brilliance. It leaves you feeling sociable and untouchable!

This is a fantastic time of the month, and one that should not be squandered on worrying about how your butt looks in those jeans. It looks hot! Go out and enjoying being hot! If you’ve got a sexual partner make sure they are standing by, ready to receive the tigress within you!

What you may not have noticed is right on the other side of your cycle – right before you are about to bleed – there is another upsurge of hormones, this time your progesterone it at its highest. Along with a sweet surge of estrogen, and nice gradual hill of testosterone (not quite as big of a mountain as your ovulation brings). With this little jaunt in testosterone your libido lift won’t look so much like a pouncing tiger, but more like a docile deer.

This doe eyed one likes to soak up the sun in the meadow and lazily enjoy the many delights surrounding her, like the sweet smell of flowers and the soft texture of the grasses. During this time of the month your senses are in full bloom, which is why you have the capacity to get cranky. If your senses are over-stimulated, then your docile deer will go into fight or flight mode and take off running, because she can’t take the pressure of her environment.

Thus, as your period is approaching, your libido is online, but in a much more subtle way. It is the day before you bleed and Day 1 that you can really milk this delicious time for all it’s worth. This is an ideal time to have a date with yourself! Take a hot shower, soak in the smell of the lavender soap (or whatever scent you enjoy), touch and massage your body with the silkiness of this soap, love every square inch of yourself! Especially your thighs, booty, and breasts; love them up sis-stars! Massage your scalp ever so slowly and delightfully as you wash your gorgeous hair. As you wash your face, move your hands over your third eye in the form of a blessing!

Rub these prayers of love, abundance, and beauty into your skin and infuse yourself with radiance!

As you towel off, keep going! Ignite your sensual-self and cultivate the sexual energy that swells up inside you. If you are tuned into the goddesses, choose your favorite one and embody her!

You can dress up in your sexy-time stuff that normally sits in the back of your underwear drawer, adorn yourself with your best jewels, dance to some sultry tunes (try Desert Dwellers), and just revel in the delight of your healthy, beautiful body!

Believe it or not, cultivating the pleasure centers in your brain and body in this way actually HEALS your hormonal imbalances, (should you suffer from them) and stimulates a glow inside of you that is magnetic – making you irresistible, not only to other people, but to all things…like joy, love, money, flow, ease and grace!

Mmmhmmmm, give me some Mo of that!

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