Did You know?

It takes 90 days for a cell to split off into it's own form, run through it's life cycle and then spilt again. This means it takes 90 days for every cell in your body to form, live and die. It also takes the same 90 days to create new habits, and pathways in your body and in your life. We have designed this program into a 9 month program, so that after your Taoist lifestyle is formed in the fist 90 days,you can spend the next 90 days spreading your wings and integrating this practice into your life so that you can have the relationship you want,the sex you desire, the children you crave and the wealth you deserve.
Meditating Female
This program is based on Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, and Functional Medicine. You will learn about your meridian system, organ system, and how the same 4 seasons we go through in a years time go through your body in 1 months time. This is a lot of energy and hormonal fluctuations to process in a short amount of time. And when you don't understand the process or aren't paying attention to the process it can make you feel out of control.
That is why I have designed this program to follow the 4 weeks of the month, which correspond to the 4 seasons you cycle through every single month. Each week you will follow specific exercises, diet and meditation practices that will leave you feeling alive, enriched, rested and ready for more.

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