The Sacred Sensuality Series

The Sacred Sensuality Series is a 9-month course designed to heal your hormones and lift your libido. There are so many factors in your daily life that do not support a happy healthy sex drive. Some are choices you make, like improper diet and allowing your emotions to overcome you, but it is not always by choice. There are environmental factors as well; for example the air you breath is full of xeno-estrogrens, which are fake estrogens that your body takes in and recognizes as real estrogens. This throws your delicate hormonal system out of balance rather quickly and leaves you feeling fatigued, irritable and far from frisky.
Meditating Female
During the Sacred Sensuality Series you will be guided by Chinese Medicine doctor and Functional Medicine expert, Willow Brown, who will take a thorough look at your health history and your current intimate relationships in order to best guide you via nutrition, emotional and spiritual support. Included in the program is an in person retreat; which is a wonderful way to connect with other women who are going through the same thing, so that you do not feel alone, but rather supported in your journey toward optimal health and sexual vitality.
Whether you are looking to have better sex with multiple orgasms, or magnetize your mate, Willow is committed to providing you all the information and practices you need to know in order to realize your dream. Some women come to the program simply to regulate their menstrual cycles, raise their fertility levels naturally, or stop their menopausal symptoms. This program address women of all ages and all walks of life. All women have the same set of hormones running through their veins, which correspond to your emotional well-being. Though symptoms may look different at different times, understanding your fabulous female form is the beginning of a successful journey through the rest of your feminine life.


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This retreat has valuable, actionable practices you can use in your day-to-day life, whether you have 15 minutes a day or two hours a day to help improve your health. It's one thing to know about anatomy and physiology from a biology text book; it's quite another to have the tools, resources, and supportive mindset to create a way of being to help you thrive. This workshop is excellent especially for more spiritually minded women, but even if you're more left brain, you will still find a lot of value! It works! – Katharine B.
I love Willow's bright shining light and beautiful energy! She has studied many awesome healing paths to help us all on many levels of healing. heal and get balance back into our lives – Tammie D.
This is a beautiful, educational, effective and life-altering program for the body, mind and spirit. Especially for women with any irregularities in their monthly cycle. During the program, I made the decision to remove birth control from my body and found that the herbs, food and yoga combined regulated my cycle naturally. My hormones are in balance and my PMS symptoms are few. Willow is wonderful, very knowledgable and truly has a gift for healing with a calm and warm energy about her. This is absolutely an effective and worthwhile investment in oneself! – Danielle
This program has really made a big difference in my life! – Julia C.
I just want to reiterate my most gratitude for such a beautiful experience this weekend. Thank you for having us in your home, it was such a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Thank you for the beautiful food. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and teachings. You're an inspiration and now I can't imagine my life without these practices! I feel so good having dedicated two full days to the practice. My home practice isn't always two days in a row, it's more scattered here and there...and after these two days I am feeing the benefits more than ever. It was great to move through all the 4 phases. I am feeling very whole and very internally still, open in receptivity. Just the biggest of gratitude and love to you as you start the new week. I soooo appreciate the experience this weekend ❤️❤️❤️ – Danielle M.
This program is a perfect way to create more balance and flow in your bodies natural cycle. It's been a great learning experience on how to be working with my body and not against it. – Erika H.
This program help me to purge old thought patterns around money. I went though some very emotional and trying situations with money. I had a painful brake -down surrounding my financial status. I feel the breakdown occurred so that I can have a break through. Once I did, my money issues has been resolved!!! – Anonymous
Willow is extremely knowledgeable in Taoist Sexology. There is so much to gain from this Retreat. Invaluable tools that can be used throughout the rest of your life. After these two days I am feeling very whole and very internally still, open in receptivity. My sex drive is back and becoming more pleasurable as I become more in sync with my body's natural rhythm. – Amber
What I have noticed is that my whole psyche and outlook on the world is for the better when I take care of myself utilizing the methods of this program. I can feel that I am different now than since before we began. My sex life is enhanced, thus a deeper connection with my partner, my mind is calmer and less nitpicky, I feel more creative and capable of handing more challenging situations, and on... Thank you again for this honesty. That alone helps me reconnect. – Jessica S.
I have so much GRATITUDE for this wonderful program! Willow’s support has really made a positive difference in my life and I truly appreciate all the precious gifts and wisdom I have received from the Sacred Sensuality Program. I am now able to navigate the next phase of my life with more grace and humor. Willow is so helpful and her work will change your life! – Julia
My experience with the Taoist Sexology program has been very helpful thus far. After three months I felt that I had just scraped the surface of what's to come. It took me a few months to adjust mentally to the idea of daily practice and to realize how helpful this is for me. The biggest struggle with this program (for me) is the commitment required to see results. When I practice- I feel great. When I don't- the results fade. So I spent a lot of time during the first three months just rewiring my brain to incorporate more self-love/ self-care into my daily routine, which in my mind, is priceless. Before I started the program I experienced mood swings throughout my monthly cycle, particularly during phases 2 and 4, my periods were horribly uncomfortable and I would almost always lose at least one day (usually more) due to cramps and nausea when my cycle began. I would go as far as to say that I only had one 'normal' week every month where I didn't feel like I was hostage to my hormones. My sex drive was pretty low and I could rarely achieve orgasm. Now, while I still experience some of these symptoms, my monthly experience is much smoother. Just this last month (4 months into the program) I had minimal cramping when my cycle started and my mood was steady without the usual crankiness and extreme discomfort. My sex drive is back to normal and becoming more pleasurable as I become more in sync with my body's natural rhythm. There have been ups and downs during this first quarter but the results are incredible, this gives me motivation to continue my practices. If you're struggling to find peace with your monthly cycle, having intimacy issues, or just want to embrace your woman-ness on a higher level, I recommend this program to you. Willow is incredibly knowledgeable and easy to talk to, she has a passion for helping others and can relate through her own experiences and trials. If you're considering this program, don't wait or hesitate, think of it as an investment in your own well being that will be available to you for the rest of your life. – Claire C.
I walked away from the teachings with a better sense of what I can do in my daily life to heighten experiences regarding intimacy be it with friends, family,  my lover- but more so myself. The resources and insight provided laid a foundation for which I could build upon. The class tied together some loose ends with regards to healing some intimate hiccups I was experiencing on an emotional and spiritual level. I would recommend Willow as a teacher and this retreat to anyone seeking to go deeper within themselves and/or awaken what already is within.  – Jazmin G.