Who likes the holidays anyway?

You may love them or you may hate them or potentially you are in the midland range. Regardless, it’s likely that the holidays bring about…wait for it…stress!

There’s the extra bustle and busyness of preparing for holiday parties, dinners and white elephants exchanges. Then there’s the emotional stress of having to see certain family members. (Or maybe even the whole family is a stressor for you!) Not to mention you may be driving long distances with kids in the car screaming their heads off and eating twice as much sugar as they usually do. Remember sugar comes in all forms from fudge to hot toddies, AND it includes bread! Do yourself a favor and stay away from the bread–if nothing else, just choose not to eat it.

More stress ensues because you are not able to be in your regular exercise routine. Whatever it is you usually partake in to move the energy in your body yoga, barre, running, biking, surfing, gym time, it will probably get pushed to the wayside because you are so busy with all the fudge and hot toddy parties. On top of it all, since it is colder outside and you are spending more time inside with the heater on, and all the little “buggers” that float about from nostril-to-hand-to-mouth-to-hand are running rampant and could potentially take you down. You are much more likely to get a wicked head cold this time of year than any other, partially due to stress, partially to sugar, and partially to tight quarters.

Unfortunately our society does not honor the winter season the way nature intended us to. Winter is the season for rest and hibernation, this is the time of year that you should be doing less, but somehow you wind up doing more….hmmm….why is that?

In older times when your ancestors lived more directly with the earth, this period of the year was a time when the harvest had been reaped, the jams had been stored, and the wood pile was stacked high for the cold months ahead. This was a time to go within, to reflect on how the year had gone, what had worked so well that it would bear repeating the following year? What did not work at all and needs complete revamping? And what worked pretty good, but could use a few tweaks?

Can you see the importance of this “ebb” in the flow of the year? Can you see how this downtime allows your reserves to reset, so that when the next flow comes you are prepared and have ample energy to receive it? This downtime is the key to your growth and success! The time it takes to recalibrate yourself, and reset your nervous system for the year ahead expands your capacity to receive more abundance the next time around.

However, this is the one season that you are least likely to tune into nature’s intended way, and actually do the EXACT opposite. Unless you live out in the boonies it is likely you will get caught up in some extra holiday activities, which is not a problem as long as you have the reserves for it.

Don’t push yourself!

I hear all the time people say, “Oh, I’ll just cleanse after the holidays.” That is all fine and dandy, but don’t be thinking that gives you cart blanche to eat whatever you want in the meantime. In fact ! It is not a bad idea to cleanse before the holidays. I’ve got a couple fantastic 10-day easy cleanses that I’ve got a bunch of my family on right now and there is still plenty of time for you to do one as well! Why not set yourself up for success, and head into 2018 feeling light, lifted, and proud of yourself? It will keep you from eating the heavy, inflammatory gunk that has you dragging yourself into 2018. It is nice to get ahead of the game and use this wintery holiday season to replenish, renew and recalibrate your body and soul, so when spring rolls around you are off to the races–while everyone else is just trying to get off the couch!

2018 is going to be a great year for lifestyle changes and starting new projects. It is the year of the Earth Dog in Chinese Astrology, which means looking to support and band together with those who have been loyal to you. It will be an eventful year, especially politically, and could leave you feeling exhausted and emotionally drained. Which is why it is important that you begin replenishing now! 2018 will be a time when solidarity will be called for and collective action toward balancing the inequalities on our earth will become a priority.

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