Ixchel Sandivel

Why a spiritual sexual practice creates fulfillment in a world of chaos

iX-CheL Sandivel is an intimacy artist and transformational life coach. She practices and teaches Tantra Yoga which is an eastern philosophy and ceremonial lifestyle full of practices and rituals that enhance, strengthen and empower one’s creative sexual energy.

A very active child, running became the outlet for her to express her infinitely passionate will, determination, and focus. Nationally ranked in the 10,000 meters, and a former Nike elite sponsored runner, iX-CheL became her own healer to compete again at the elite level, after being injured for four years. To heal she had to gain a deep spiritual awareness of our connection with the emotional body/mind. Now with a profound intuitive understanding of her own feminine body, iX-CheL has been exploring the sacred union between creative life-force energy, conscious rituals, personal and universal cycles, which is spirituality at its depth.

After a traumatic experience in her early twenties iX-CheL learned that having a healthy relationship to her life-force energy based on holistic integrity is one of the most powerful, beautiful and transformational gifts human beings have. Since then she has been studying with the most highly sought after internationals teachers, modern Tantra leaders and pioneers.

She teaches men and women to embody their own unique powerful sexual energy. She is qualified by the oldest school of tantra in the west, as a Source Tantra Yoga Associate & certified Advanced Tantra Educator. She believes there is an inner tantric artist in everyone with a specific creative “dharma” or purpose in their lifetime.

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