Lee Holden

Lee Holden LAc.

April 27th at 11am Essential ways that Chi Gong cultivates Pleasure in your love life

Lee Holden first discovered the healing power of QiGong and tai chi after experiencing injuries that nearly sidelined his Varsity Soccer career at Berkeley. Impressed at how these ancient practices healed his body and allowed him to return to playing, he made their study a priority. Today, he is an internationally known instructor in meditation, tai chi, and Qi Gong, as well as a licensed acupuncturist, herbalist, and author of the book 7 Minutes of Magic,. His extensive library of Qi Gong DVDs have made him a regular fixture on American Public Television throughout the U.S.and Canada. He’s taught Taoist Sexuality classes locally here in California and throughout the country. Lee’s expertise and down-to-earth teaching style have made him a popular speaker and workshop facilitator. He’s worked with Deepak Chopra as well as Mantak Chia. He is the father of 3 beautiful girls and a strong fixture in the healing community here is Santa Cruz Ca. Lee is also a very dear friend of mine and was my first mentors many many years ago before I began acupuncture school. After I got licensed we had the pleasure of working together at the Santa Cruz Integrative medicine and Chi Center for about 5 years, along with some other incredible practitioners including doctor Rachel Abrams who wrote the Multi-Orgasmic Woman with Mantak Chia. Our journey as colleagues and friends has been a huge gift in my life. It is such an honor to have you with us today Lee, thank you for being a part of this summit and adding your years of wisdom and expertise for our listeners.