Maleda Gebremedhin

Heal your Womb; Awaken the power of your Soul

Maleda Gebremedhin is a gifted evolutionary feminine healer, spiritual guide and the founder of Womb Matrix Healing. She has practiced and taught in the field of healing, transformation and feminine awakening for over 15 years, including 3 years of intensive training in yoga and Indian Temple Dance and 10 years as a nun and lead teacher in an ashram. Her intense spiritual practice and commitment to Truth transmit a passionate devotion to life, the beauty of Spirit, and the deep feminine power in all of creation.

In 2012 during an extended deep retreat, she experienced an awakening through the deep feminine consciousness in her womb and was shown the processes that have become the evolutionary work of Womb Matrix Healing today.

A healer of healers and pioneer of consciousness, Maleda founded Breath of Life Yoga in 2006, the Awakening Woman of Crestone in 2008 and Womb Matrix Healing in 2013. She is a midwife of the soul who travels internationally, guiding women through the fire of healing into their soul destiny through awakening to the spiritual power inherent in their wombs. She offers spiritual mentoring, deep feminine healing retreats, teacher & practitioner trainings, and private Womb Matrix Healing Sessions on location and by phone.

"All of the fruit from my years of intense spiritual practice, all of the meditation, yoga, lightwork, initiations from powerful masters, intentions, renunciations do not hold a candle to what happened when the consciousness of my womb awakened. 
 All seeking ceased.

I fully landed in myself. My perspective shifted from the small "me" to being the all encompassing Divine Feminine Presence of life itself. I found a gateway to the cosmos thru my own womb, a gateway to the empty space in which I rest. What astounds me most is how vital, how essential womb consciousness is to the awakening woman, and how little this is taught or honored in the spiritual traditions that are proliferating today. This is our deepest feminine power, our effortless landing in Truth, and the greatest offering I have in life."

-Maleda, 2013