Sarah Theisman

Sarah Theismann

April 27th at 2pm

How Pre & Peri-Natal Psychology affect Adult Sexuality

  Sarah Theismann, MA, SEP, CSB, CMP holds an MA in Clinical Psychology (specialization in Somatic & Pre-Perinatal Psychology) and is a Certified Sexological Bodyworker and Somatic Sex & Intimacy Coach. She has studied various somatic trauma therapy methods for the last 10 years, among them Somatic Experiencing and Dr. Ray Castellino’s Prenatal & Birth Therapy. In her work she combines her knowledge of the somatics of trauma and sexuality with her understanding of birth, early development, neuropsychology and applied attachment theory. Sarah’s passion lies in supporting women, men and couples in exploring how their earliest experiences affect their adult sexual intimacy today, so they can experience authentic, embodied, and emotionally meaningful intimacy in their primary partnerships.

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