Shana James

Shana James M.A.

April 30th at 11am

Stepping through shame into a Full, Wild, Expressed Sex Life

As dating and relationship expert Shana has coached more than 1,000 men and women around the world. She has led events for and Table for Six and is a dating consultant for an MTV reality show. She is a co-creator of the Authentic Woman Experience and one of the original facilitators for the Authentic Man Program. Shana brings a combination of Western and Eastern wisdom with her Masters in psychology, training in man/woman dynamics, as well as yoga, meditation, tantra and various spiritual practices. She makes it safe for you to work through your biggest fears and deepest shame, so you are free to have the passionate, fulfilling connections, relationships and sex you really want. Shana is inspired live what she teaches and to call out the wild, beautiful feminine heart and the unique voice of true feminine leadership.