Joann P.

Where to start? Willow has really benefited our family with her mastered broad range of techniques and extremely intuitive sense of your own personal needs. I have sent my husband, daughters, AND granddaughters to her (6 and 10). ALL of my family have felt tangible benefits and each received what they needed. Each needed something different. This approach simply blew away what we have receive at a variety of different people's work. If you want to START somewhere your own healing journey that you start with Willow, since she is the only person I have found to have the real sense of what each different individual needs. Thanks, Willow!

Soquel, CA via Yelp

Courtnay F.

I've been seeing Willow during my pregnancy and her treatments are the highlight of my week. Her gentle prenatal massage, acupuncture and cranial sacral are an amazing combination. I love the serenity of her studio space and the relaxing music she plays during sessions. Her knowledge of homeopathy helped me tremendously when I had a cough and she even resolved a water-logged ear problem with her cranial sacral work at the end of my last session. I was amazed! Thank you, Willow!

Soquel, CA via Yelp

Lisa V

I've been seeing Willow for a couple years now, and she does absolutely amazing work. She's the only practitioner I know who combines acupuncture and sacral-cranial manipulation as she does, and it's powerful stuff - both relaxing and rejuvenating. I consistently recommend her to others - even those who live some distance away, telling them that her skills, wisdom and manner are totally worth the drive. And they are. Very grateful to have found her.

Boulder Creek, CA via Yelp

Michael P.

I'm pretty discerning when it comes to receiving bodywork, as well as in recommending practitioners to others. Quite simply, Willow is one of the best. She provides an exceptional combination of massage, acupuncture, & cranial-sacral work. I particularly appreciate her presence, compassion, & integrity. My session was very relaxing and rejuvenating. I left with a heightened sense of peace and awareness. Thank you Willow.

Santa Cruz, CA via Yelp

Michael M.

Willow is amazing. She was recommended to me by a close friend. After my first visit my neck pain was dramatically reduced. After four visit I was complete relieved of the chronic neck pain I had been experiencing for over a year. I did not have neck issue for 2 plus years. I was completely blow away how effective her treatment was. I'm so grateful I found her

Santa Cruz, CA via Yelp

Petra Buchanan

“Willow was amazing!! Invaluable. I feel blessed to have had her to assist me in my birth.”


Lisa Holden

“Willow Brown is hands down the most loving, knowledgeable, reliable and there-for-you doula you could dream of. She was my rock and constant before, during and after I delivered my twin girls. Thru her healing touch and technique, she helped my babies turn head down which enabled me to have the natural birth I wanted. In the 24 hours I labored, without pain medication, she never left my side calm and supportive presence was my constant, helping me stay in labor, working thru contractions and pushing out our angels. I could not have had the delivery I wanted without this amazing woman. I am so grateful to Willow for the gift of my healthy pregnancy, delivery and post partum experience. Having Willow as your doula is the greatest gift you can give yourself and family.”


Kathryn K.

Seeing Willow is a wonderful experience. I am currently a college student and see her every time i need to relax. She also helped me with some health issues by examining my diet and lifestyle. I always feel like im on a cloud when i leave. Her back patio is available as well to continue the experience.

Kathryn K. Aptos, CA via Yelp

Greg L.

At first glance, the price of $90 for a one-hour table massage looks to be on the high side. But then when you factor in that you get to soak for 20 to 30 minutes in an outdoor hot tub before your appointment, you now have 90 minutes for $90. And that's a good deal! Once inside and on the table the relaxation resumes. There is nothing rough (read: elbows jammed into your muscles) about Willow's style. It is nurturing and soothing. You can tell that with the first touch of her lithe fingers. She also incorporates a bit of acupuncture and some gentle cranio-sacral massage in her treatment that leaves you drifting away and loving life. In the end it all adds up to 90 minutes of bliss. And what's better than that? (Yeah, I know, 120 minutes of bliss, but you get the idea.)

Aptos, CA via Yelp

Chelsea Hobbs

“She was wonderful. Very calming, soothing, relaxing. She encouraged and praised me. She made sure I was comfortable and told people to be quiet when I needed them to be.”

Tiffany G.

Willow was amazing! She incorporated massage, acupuncture and cranial sacral. After just one session I felt like a million bucks. I will be going back for sure and recommending her to friends. Thanks again Willow 🙂

Tiffany G. Mountain View, CA via Yelp

Felicity Rosencraz

“Having Willow’s presence gave me the confidence that I could give birth at home. The labor was challenging and frightening at times – Willow was always present and sensitive to my emotional state. She was comforting, supportive and a stronghold for me reassuring in moments of intense pain that I could come through the labor! Her interaction and support for our family was inclusive, gathering and unifying. We loved having Willow for our Doula. She is a natural healer.”

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