Transformational Private Coaching



You have come a long way on your journey thus far, and now your savvy inner wisdom is letting you know it’s time for some EXTRA support as you up-level into the next phase of your love-life!

I am adept at listening to your INNER WISDOM and will create a powerful life-changing coaching experience for you!

This can be a vulnerable process at times, so please know that ALL of you is accepted and will be met with open and loving arms!

As you journey from where you are now, to where you would like to be, trust that your process is exactly as it should be. As your inner landscape shifts and evolves you will get to enjoy watching your outer life follow.

Whether your needs are physical (low libido or hormonal), emotional (hopeless or terrified), spiritual (connecting to the God/Goddess within), or even circumstantial (should you stay or should you go), I've got your back!

I will use The Ancient Wisdom Approach (based in Taoist, Buddhist, and Vedic wisdom) to guide you in releasing the heavy wet blankets of shame and oppression that keep your inner radiance and sexual vitality from shining their biggest brightest light.

Investment in your new love life: $600.00 per month


 We will meet every other week for a 60 minute session.

On off weeks, you will be given powerful integration practices that may involve another person in your life.